Dany Garcia Teases XFL Announcements in New Instagram Post

Dany Garcia Teases XFL Announcements in New Instagram Post

The XFL is returning in 2023, this time under a new ownership group comprised of Dany Garcia, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and RedBird Capital. One thing we’ve seen from Garcia since the acquisition was her love of teasing news on Instagram.

She was known to drop hints during the CFL talks, and even dropped the return timeline among photos of an XFL ownership meeting.

This year we’ve started to see the XFL ramp up towards their 2023 kickoff. The group has announced all eight of the head coaches that will be coming in to run their teams, but as of now cities and names are still unknown.

Beyond locations, another big announcement many have been waiting for is the broadcast partners. It’s been speculated that ESPN will be in the mix, but nothing has been made official.

Today, Dany Garcia took to Instagram to drop another tease. This time she’s shown walking through the streets of New York with the caption

I like walking into an eventful week in NYC. @xfl announcement coming soon ⚡️⚡️⚡️

She makes reference to an “eventful week”, and we can hope that directly relates to the XFL announcements she mentions afterwards.

The league recently revealed the return of the Summer Showcase events, which will be featured in six cities across the United States. In partnership with American National Combines, these events will give prospective players a chance to exhibit their skills in front of XFL coaches and personnel directors. Players will be evaluated based on performance for inclusion in the XFL Draft player pool for the upcoming 2023 season.

Now that the gears are moving, we’re hoping that these announcements that are being teased give us some more insight on the team locations and broadcast partners. Either way, it looks like we should know sooner rather than later.

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  1. Either she’s going to announce the return of the Guardians/Hitmen (big mistake if they think they can compete with the Generals), or she’s going to work out a TV deal with CBS and ABC (WCBS and WABC are the motherships after all).

  2. Would like to purchase XFL Dry-fit type apperal.
    * Also would like to see a XFL stadium 🏟 for example pre-season games or 7 on 7 teases.
    Altoona PA, Mansion Park, would be a great location as its between Pittsburgh & Penn State University.
    Could attract those Penn State, Pittsburgh, Saint Francis, Temple Division 1 college football players who don’t make it in the NFL.

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