Dana White Says The Rock Should Revive The XFL ASAP

Dana White Says The Rock Should Revive The XFL ASAP

Since the blockbuster announcement came out that the XFL had been purchased by Dany Garcia The Rock and RedBird Capital a lot of people have given their thoughts on the situation. The overall reaction seems to be positive for the new group, which is what you like to see after making a major acquisition like this one.

Dana White joined TMZ to give his thoughts on the sale as well as what time-frame they should target for a return. In his interview he had the following to say:

“I’d try to get that rolling as fast as possible…people are dying for live sports programming…even if the NFL does go, it’s another option for live sports on TV, and there’s not enough on right now.”

Since the deal has been made fans have wondered if the plan is still for a 2021 return. We know based on previous court filings that one of the proposed ideas to potential new owners was for the league to return in 2021 using the bubble concept. Utilizing one location would not only save a lot of money for the organization, but put an emphasis on safety. Beyond that, it allows the new owners another year to sort out the rest of the stadium lease agreements.

Dana White, who pioneered the UFC’s massive success also has ideas about managing COVID and is willing to share with his friend. These two have a great friendship going back years, and I’m sure the XFL would love to hear from someone that has been able to gain as much success in the sports world as their looking to achieve with this new venture.

Dana White also commented on if he thinks that the XFL can survive under this new ownership team and he simply said:

“He can definitely pull this off”

White also toughed on RedBird Capital, which manages over $4 Billion in assets. They have extensive experience in the sports sphere, and their expertise will be invaluable as the new ownership rebuilds.