Possible Hint that the Renegades Name Will Return to the XFL

Dallas Renegades DC Chris Woods Says He’s Open to XFL Return in Reddit AMA

Earlier this week during a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) former Dallas Renegades defensive coordinator, Chris Woods, took questions from subscribers of r/XFL. One fan asked about his experience during the 2020 season and about the future of the league saying:

“How was the XFL last year? And how do you think it will be in the future? Would you join it as a DC again?”

“Nothing bad to say. Incredible experience. With the right folks pushing it forward I think it has a chance to become even more successful. I’d definitely consider it.” – Chris Woods

This is great news for Renegades fans. Ever since we learned that the XFL had been purchased, there have been a lot of fans wondering who if any of the coaches would make a return to the league. Although we haven’t heard from former Head Coach Bob Stoops since shortly after the league suspended its season due to the coronavirus, this could be just the beginning of names we could expect to see back under the new ownership group.

When asked about the new ownership he spoke about his his excitement for the possible direction the new group could lead the XFL saying:

“Don’t forget about his business partner, Dany Garcia. Think it’s what the league needed to survive if it’s going to: high powered visionaries with definite plans. Have enjoyed reading what I have seen thus far about their plans and what they’d like to see happen with the league.“

As we’ve heard with other former XFL staff members, they have yet to hear from the league since the shutdown. I wouldn’t be too concerned about that as the deal is still yet to be finalized, but August 21st is right around the corner.

The former Head Coach of Texas State is now with the Jayhawks at Kansas as a Senior Defensive Analyst, we can only hope the new ownership group can try to lure him back to Dallas.

Would you like to see Chris Woods return to the Dallas Renegades? What other coaches would you like to see return? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.