Dallas Renegades Beat Out Seattle Dragons 24-12

Dallas Renegades Beat Out Seattle Dragons 24-12

Earlier today we saw one of the two XFL teams based out of Texas continue their winning streak to go 3-0. For the second game of the afternoon, we have the Dallas Renegades traveling to CenturyLink to take on the Seattle Dragons. Both teams are even on the season and looking to go over .500.

Dallas started out the match-up with possession. They were unable to do anything meaningful after a few off-sides call, which ultimately forced them to punt the ball away early, putting The Dragons in the drivers seat.

Brandon Silvers came out strong, running and throwing the ball for multiple first downs. He led his team into the red-zone, ending it with a touchdown to Austin Proehl. They tried for a 2-point conversion but could not convert. Early in the game they now held the lead at 6-0.

Still early in the game, there was plenty of time for this game to go to either of the teams. Jones and the Renegades came back swinging. This time, brining the ball down the field into scoring position. Landry was able to connect with Flynn Nagel for the 12-yard touchdown. Dallas couldn’t convert on the extra-point attempt, but the game was now tied 6-6.

The game slowed down quite a bit for most of the first half. Landry Jones and the Renegades were close to getting into scoring position, but Jones ended up throwing the interception right at the goal line giving Seattle the ball with 5:01 left in the second.

Seattle was able to get some movement going within the last 2-minutes. Brandon Silvers was able to connect with Kenneth Farrow II to put six more on the board. The Dragons attempted a 2-point conversion but could not obtain the 2 extra-points. Regardless, they now had the lead once again 12-6.

The Renegades we’re hoping to tie things up going into the the half, but Landry Jones once again threw an interception. Seattle had the ball again with 47-seconds left in the second. Luckily for Dallas, they could not add anymore to their lead.

Last week the Renegades came alive halfway through the third, you can bet Coach Stoops would be making some key adjustments during halftime.

Austin Proehl was playing spectacularly for the Dragons in the first half, we expect to see a lot more targets coming his way in the second.

Brandon Silvers, who had been working through an ankle injury seemed to be healing well as his movement was much better in this game. Last week he was limited in the pocket, whereas this week he was running the ball when the opportunity arose. He had grabbed a few pivotal first downs for The Dragons, but was forced to go for it on 4th down only to be sacked.

Dallas came into their first drive of the half near mid-field. They moved the ball both by air and ground, looking impressive while doing so. This didn’t come without problems though. Renegades TE, Donald Partham was shook up via a huge hit from the Dragons defense. Fortunately, he was able to walk off the field without assistance.

Landry Jones was able to bring the Renegades within 10-yards of the goal on this drive. With Parham back in the game, Jones was able to get the connection for the six. Dallas went for 2, but could not convert. The game was now tied again, this time 12-12.

The Renegades had control of the ball going into the fourth; game still tied 12-12. In their first play in the fourth they ran it to the 3-yard line marking 1st and goal. After three unsuccessful run attempts they were forced to go for the field goal attempt, which was ultimately successful. For the first time of the afternoon, The Renegades no held the lead; 15-12.

Seattle couldn’t do much with their drive, giving the Renegades possession again. This led to Landry Jones doing what he loves most… throwing the ball. Jones connected with Parham once again, this time for a 65-yard reception adding six more.

Dallas opted for the 2-point conversion, which was contested and ultimately unsuccessful. Although the franchise would have liked to have the points, they had widened their lead to 9; 21-12.

With 8:47 left in the game, the match-up was still a one score game. That is, as long as Seattle could get a touchdown and convert on a 3-point attempt. Regardless, there was plenty of time left on the clock, but Seattle needed to get back into the mix.

For the third time in a row, The Dragons went three and out. Not to mention, at this point in the game they have given up 15 unanswered points. The fans had lost patience as well, booing the teams choice to punt it away with 6:44 left in the game and a 9-point deficit.

Seattle’s defense came out strong for the team, forcing a fumble on the first play of the Renegades drive. This gave The Dragons the ball at the 32-yard line. Once again though, the team could not gain the first down. This time they tried on fourth down, failing and giving Dallas possession again.

Landry Jones did a great job running down the clock, which is a little more difficult to do in the XFL. Landry Jones is a veteran of the game, and it’s things like this that will help push his team over the top. Dallas could not add six, but they did grab an extra field goal making it a two-score game and brought the clock under 1 minute.

It was near impossible for Seattle to get the W at this point in the match-up, and as expected they could not get it done.

Going into this game, Coach Stoops had hoped to continue their win-streak now that Landry Jones was back in action. They were able to accomplish their goal, bringing their record to 2-1. Next week they’re back at home, taking on the #1 team in the west in the Houston Roughnecks.

Seattle on the other hand was hoping to do the same. Unfortunately for them, they are back to having a losing record at 2-1. Next week, they’re back on the road where they head to St. Louis to take on the BattleHawks.

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