Dallas Renegades Reveal Team Uniforms

Dallas Renegades Announce Mini-Camp Fan Event for Dec 14th

If you’re in the Dallas area this weekend you’ll have your first chance to see the Renegades on the field. This Saturday at Maverick Stadium (1307 W MITCHELL ST, ARLINGTON, TX 76013) the Renegades will be holding a fan event at their mini-camp.You’ll have a chance to watch the team practice from 11am-12pm, then from 12-1pm you’ll have the opportunity to get autographs and pictures with the players and coaches.

We’ll be attending the mini-camp in Houston, and we suggest if you near any of the events that you should attend. Not only is it the first chance to see your team, it’s a great way to interact with the league. It’s great to see the XFL opening up these events for the fans and letting us get a sneak peak.

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