Could Tommy Maddox be returning to the XFL?

Could Tommy Maddox be returning to the XFL?

Former XFL MVP Tommy Maddox seems to have left his previous role as Head Baseball Coach for Decatur. Twitter user @BradyKeane noticed that the Decatur ISD website had a listing for Maddox’s previous role.

We do not yet know why his he left Decatur, but the timing is… we’ll say… suspicious. We’re in the midst of a massive hiring wave by the XFL, where we’ve actually seen a few names from the original XFL return. It’s an absolute possibility that Maddox could be coming to the league in some fashion, whether is be in a coaching capacity, executive role or as an on air personality.

Maddox became the starting quarterback for Los Angeles Xtreme during the first week of the season, despite the team using its first pick in the XFL Draft on quarterback Scott Milanovich. He was the only quarterback in the league to start all 10 regular season games, led the league in passing yards, touchdowns, rushed for two touchdowns, and led the Xtreme to the Million Dollar Game, also known as the “Big Game At The End.” The Xtreme defeated the San Francisco Demons with a score of 38–6, where Maddox was named the MVP.

After the league folded, Maddox was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers as a backup to Kordell Stewart. He stayed with the team for five seasons leading them to the 2002 playoffs, losing in the divisional round to the Tennessee Titans.