CONFIRMED: The CFL Will Explore Opportunities for Alignment with XFL

CONFIRMED: The CFL Will Explore Opportunities for Alignment with XFL

Earlier we reported on rumors that the CFL and XFL may potentially look at forming some type of partnership in the future. It wasn’t moments later after our report went live that we received confirmation from both the CFL and XFL.

First out of the gate was the CFL, announcing that they will explore opportunities for alignment with XFL ownership. Shortly after, XFL co-owner Dany Garcia chimed in.

Recently there have been a lot of questions around the return of the XFL, so it’s great to hear that this is official.

Not to be out-shadowed by his business partner, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took to Instagram reminiscing of his time in the CFL and how life has come full circle. If you recall, Johnson named his company 7 Bucks Productions in commemoration of the $7 he had left in his pocket when he was cut from the CFL.

Dany Garcia and the CFL weren’t the only ones to chime in, the XFL has also now made the news official via social media.

Hidden near the end of the message from XFL ownership is a bit of possible bad news. It seems that there are now talks with the CFL, the XFL has placed the 2022 season on hold until discussions are complete.

Does that mean the XFL will skip 2022 and target 2023? Possibly, don’t be surprised if it happens. According to our sources, the plan is still to target 2022, so we’ll just need to see how discussions play out. We’ll keep you informed from now until whenever kickoff does end up taking place.

What do you think about this partnership. Do you like the idea of the CFL expanding into the US and the XFL moving up-north? What are your thoughts on putting 2022 on hold?

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