Coaching Departures Sweep European League Of Football

Coaching Departures Sweep European League Of Football

Over the past couple weeks, the European League of Football has seen a few Head Coaching changes in various franchises. A storyline that has taken hold of the ELF as of late is the lack of parity. Blowouts have controlled the narrative, with some organizations struggling to be competitive at all.

This has led to certain HC’s parting ways with their respective teams, shaking things up midseason.

In any football league, seeing turnover at the Head Coaching position is not an ideal sign. Additionally, for all of these to be happening midway through the season portrays an image of uncertainty.

Barcelona Dragons

Last week, the Barcelona Dragons saw their Head Coach in David Shelton step down from his position. It was a rather abrupt move after Barcelona got off to a rough start this ELF season.

Shelton posted the following statement to his Instagram:

“I will be stepping down as Head Coach of the Barcelona Dragons effective immediately. I want to thank the amazing fans for the support and dedication. I want to thank my coaching staff, with tireless effort and dedication these men have committed 100% effort to create a learning and development environment for our players.”

Things went from bad to worse for the Dragons this past week. They were down 54-0 at halftime against Munich, and elected to forfeit the second half due to the lack of personnel they had available.

With a 2-5 record after this loss, Barcelona has quite a bit to try and figure out. They also lost their Defensive Coordinator late last week, and have yet to name a replacement at HC for Shelton.

Wroclaw Panthers

The Wroclaw Panthers made a change last week as well, with Craig Kuligowski taking over for Dave Christensen. Christensen has served as HC for Wroclaw since 2023, but after a 2-4 start to the year, the Panthers made the move to promote Kuligowski – the team’s Defensive Coordinator – to Head Coach.

With a new head coach; and a new quarterback, in week seven, Wroclaw was able to get back on track. They took down the Prague Lions 14-3, with Craig picking up his first victory as a Head Coach in the ELF.

Kuligowski has plenty of experience as a Coach in the American football scene, with over 30 years under his belt at various levels.

Helvetic Mercenaries

After picking up their first win of the entire season this weekend, the Helvetic Mercenaries have also had a Head Coaching change. Val Gunn has left the team, and according to the franchise, this decision “was based on internal family matters within Coach Gunn’s family”.

Similar to Wroclaw’s situation, Brian Billy, the team’s Defensive Coordinator, will take over. He has also hired Michał Kołek as Offensive Coordinator for the rest of the season. While the playoffs are all but out of reach for Helvetic, we’ll have to see if they can build some momentum after topping Milano on Sunday.

Final Thoughts

Week in and week out, the ELF has provided fans with plenty of entertainment. The amount of talent that the league features this season is arguably at a higher level than any year prior.

That said, these rough waters the league is facing with their coaches in specific, underperforming franchises isn’t a great look. For players to be attracted to participate in a league like the ELF, stability is a must.

It also appears that the Cologne Centurions will have an adjustment at HC as well, according to Around The ELF.

Hopefully, the tides will turn back to normal as we enter the second half of the season, with what should be a thrilling playoff race ahead.

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What are your thoughts on these coaching changes in the ELF? Will any of these teams turn things around down the stretch of the year? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!