XFL/CFL Merger Worth as Much as $100M According to Media Rights Expert

CFL/XFL Merger is Reportedly Happening According to r/CFL

Last month the football world was rocked by the news that the CFL and XFL were working towards some type of alignment. When the news broke there wasn’t many details. In fact, there still isn’t a lot to go off of. Regardless, many CFL insiders seem to believe that these conversations are heading towards a full blown merger.

Well, just today @CFL_Reddit (r/CFL) tweeted that “The merger IS happening” and that Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment is “hellbent on dragging this league (CFL) into probability”.


This information is supposedly coming from CFL insiders, but we have not confirmed on our end. Interestingly enough, it was just earlier this week that MLSE was behind the possible merger talks between the CFL and XFL.

Regardless, where there’s smoke there’s generally fire. With the news of the leagues talking out in the open, it has led to a lot of speculation on what will happen and how it will work.

In response to a question on the name of the league, r/CFL states that their sources say that the XFL name will not survive the merger.

With the XFL on the sidelines for 2021 and possibly 2022, there’s a lot of new eyes on the CFL product this year. Although the CFL has not commented on the official start date of the season, it’s still slated to take place June 10th. Some think that the CFL may be forced to postpone the start, but the league is still adamant that they will play in 2021.

When we asked if XFL fans will be tuning into the CFL this season, over 50% of the respondents said yes, with a split between no and not sure. Personally, we’re excited to cover the CFL this year and look forward to whatever the CFL and XFL are cooking up. Will you be tuning into the 2021 CFL season? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. The CFL sucks that is why they are loosing money if are going compete they need a major tv contract and change the rules to American football 🏈

  2. Will watch the CFL
    It is a quality product , but a merger with XFL and eventually adding European markets will make the new product very profitable.

  3. why change the name or loose the xfl why not pattern it after the afl-nfl merger..call it the north american football league,,still have the canadian football conference with it’s divisions and the xfl football conference with it’s divisions and teams.that would be more sensable ..the cfl could still play for the grey cup the xfl could still have it’s championship game or trophy and the two leagues could have a championship game. intergrate and change some of each leagues rules.. two ten team leagues at the beginning…the xfl should scrap most of its current franchises and place teams in football crazy areas that won’t have to compete in cities with multiple pro spring and summer franchises or current nfl teams. really work to achieve local cooperate backing and each of those cities,and for gosh sakes give teams time to build a loyal fanbase in each city much like the old a.f.l. did in the 60’s

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