CFL, USFL and XFL Scouts Reportedly to Attend Tropical Bowl Combine

CFL, USFL and XFL Scouts Reportedly to Attend Tropical Bowl Combine

Over the last few years the spring football landscape has exploded. In the leadup to the 2020 XFL season they were the only ones in the market after the AAF folded. Since then a lot has changed.

The XFL still has some time to kill before they hit the field, but in the meantime we’re seeing a new major competitor come into play for them. Under FOX, the USFL will be returning in 2022 with two huge broadcast partners; FOX and NBC.

We think that both leagues can co-exist, especially considering that as of now it seems as if their seasons will not overlap. That being said, there’s still going to be a fight for talent.

This month we saw XFL scouts recruiting for the first time since the league shuttered its doors in 2020. On the USFL side, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but not much is known publicly on their recruiting strategy at the moment.

With both leagues working towards their respective returns, it was inevitable that they’d have to compete for players at some point.

Earlier today the official social media account of the SPIRAL Tropical Bowl revealed that they would have scouts from the CFL, XFL and later confirmed the USFL in attendance for their upcoming ‘Bowl Week’ combine.

The event kicks off Jan 14th and is set to take place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

We love competition, and more importantly the more football leagues the more opportunities there will be for these players to make a team.

At the end of the day, spring football works, we’ve seen it time and time again. There’s been so many guys that have moved onto the NFL that may have never had a shot had it not been for the AAF of XFL. With the USFL now joining the mix, it’s another platform for these players to showcase their skills.

We’re looking forward to seeing the next generation of spring football stars that the XFL and USFL will inevitably produce in their upcoming seasons, some of which may be found in events just like the one above.

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