The CFL Officially Cancels Its Season: What This Means for the XFL

CFL Proposes On-Time Start — Asks Players to Take 20% Pay Cut if No Fans

As we all know the XFL will not be hitting the field in 2021. In fact, since talks started with the Canadian Football League (CFL), the XFL has placed their 2022 season on-hold. With no XFL for the foreseeable future, all eyes are on the CFL. Contrary to reports, the CFL wants to kick-off the 2021 season as scheduled, if all goes according to plan.

TSN reporter Dave Naylor has the latest details.

The CFL has delivered a proposal to the CFLPA targeting an on-time start to the 2021 season by asking players for a 20% pay cut that would apply if no fans in stands. Salaries would then be topped-up over the course of the season as fans return to stands, Naylor tweeted.

Even though CFL teams know stadiums will not be fully open at any point for the 2021 season, players could earn full wages for periods of the season. All this subject to CFL’s return-to-play protocol being approved, he added

For months we have speculated the CFL season unlikely to start on time based on the presumption that teams would not begin a season without fans in stands. The CFL proposal Tuesday would be a way around that. Regular season due to start June 10th, Naylor concluded.

The CFL unveiled its 2021 schedule last November with the pre-season scheduled to begin on Sunday, May 23, while the regular season is slated to get underway on Thursday, June 10, and the Grey Cup in Hamilton on Sunday, November 21.

The league and union began meetings during the second week of February with a focus on playing football this year. The two sides have submitted return to play health and safety plans to various levels of government in Canada.

This seems to be a good sign of things to come, that is as long as the CFLPA agrees to the amendments. Do you think the CFL will kick off as scheduled? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.