Catherine Raiche leaving Toronto Argos for XFL

Catherine Raiche leaving Toronto Argonauts for XFL

Sources say Catherine Raiche is set to join the Tampa Bay XFL franchise in a front office.

Raiche resigned from the Alouettes in late 2017 and accepted the director, football administration position with the Argonauts. She had been granted permission to pursue other opportunities in advance of leaving Montreal.

When Kavis Reed replaced Popp as Alouettes general manager before the 2017 season, he promoted Raiche to assistant general manager responsible for daily operations, managing the salary cap, determining the value of players and handling contractual duties.

Raiche was the first female assistant general manager in the CFL since 1988 when Jo-Anne Polak held that position with the Ottawa Rough Riders. Polak it’s believed was the first woman to hold that job title in any pro sports franchise across North America. Raiche has gone on the record stating that her goal is to be a general manager one day.

Raiche made waves in the football world by rising to the assistant GM position in Montreal and now her pro football management career has led to the XFL Tampa Bay franchise.