Bruno Reagan Says He's Interested in Joining the USFL

Bruno Reagan Says He’s Interested in Joining the USFL

Back in 2020 there was one XFL franchise that had a huge following from the beginning; the St. Louis BattleHawks. Even before any of the teams had hit the field or even had their names revealed, the BattleHawks had a huge fanbase mainly in part due to the them losing the Rams in 2019. In fact, St. Louis was the only XFL city that didn’t also have an NFL franchise.

Since the XFL was forced to shutter their season due to COVID, we’ve seen many players move on to new leagues and even new careers. Former BattleHawks guard Bruno Reagan has gone in lengths on social discussing his hopes to see the franchise return. He’s also not been shy about making a return of his own.

Now-a-days, Reagan is co-host of the Afternoon Stretch (WNSR) and he had some interesting things to say in one of their recent episodes.

Reagan has been known to give his unfiltered opinions on the USFL, but it looks like he may have had a change of heart.

I’ve talked a lot of trash about the USFL, but I’m probably going to play for them.

Earlier this week during the show, he mentioned that he was sent the player application and is highly considering joining the USFL. He mentioned that he just learned he had a contact at the league on the personnel side, which looks to have given him more confidence in buying in.

All in all, the hosts have a nice, long discussion about the USFL, Regan joining, upcoming draft, team names and more. It’s definitely worth a listen.

The segment starts around the 21 minute mark, which you can listen to below.

The USFL is set to hold their player selection meeting in the last week of February, which will see the teams each build out a 38-man roster.

From there, players will report to training camp in Birmingham on March 21st, which will lead directly to an April 16th kickoff.

The USFL has been ramping up their efforts to start out the year, and we don’t expect that momentum to stop anytime soon. We still have two coaches left to be revealed, and the league has a big media event scheduled in Birmingham this Tuesday.

It’s been a long road here, but the payoff is right around the corner.

What former XFL players would you like to see in the USFL? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.