Brian Woods Talks Pittsburgh Maulers with Local CBS Affiliate

Brian Woods Talks Pittsburgh Maulers with Local CBS Affiliate

Earlier this week, Brian Woods joined the Detroit News for an interview where we got some more insight into the leagues plans for season two and beyond. This is when we heard that the league is hoping to have all teams in their home markets by the second season.

As things go, the situation is still fluid so plans could change. That being said, it is promising to see the USFL working towards this goal when it was expected that we may not see it happen until the third season.

Yesterday Brian Woods joined KDKA, Pittsburgh CBS affiliate, to discuss the new team and promote the upcoming season.

Things started out discussing the fact that the Maulers are coming back, but you won’t be able to watch them locally for the first year. It seems as if the USFL is actively targeting these markets to help build awareness where the league has teams.

In regards to the city, Brian Woods thinks Pittsburgh is a perfect fit for the new league.

I think we were very strategic in terms of the markets we wanted to select in year one

Pittsburgh is definitely an area that country that is has always shown to be supportive of professional football, the Maulers were very unique and important brand of the USFL.

Rich Walsh of CBS 2 thinks that Highmark Stadium is potentially their best option, but also mentions Heinz field, Robert Morris and Duquesne.

But, it doesn’t look like the USFL has started looking into the specifics just yet. Woods tells KDKA that the conversation hasn’t begun yet, but hopefully soon. He stressed the importance of the markets having what the resources they need to support a new team and even touched on local investors being a big part of the relocation.

Making sure that we have the appropriate facilities especially for gameday purposes is important. So that is a conversation that has not been started yet but hopefully can be started in the near term so we could eventually find the appropriate location to play home games,”

One thing is for sure, the USFL is actively working behind the scenes to get things moving for the future. We’ve seen multiple appearances from league personalities this week, and we’re expecting a few more before the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Moving forward, all eyes are on the USFL Draft set for later this month. That’s when the teams will really start taking shape. Although the league does not intend on broadcasting the event, they ensured us that the social media teams will be making announcements. Plus, you can stay tuned to USFL Newsroom for the latest as it comes in.

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