Brian Woods Reportedly Steps Down as Preisdent of USFL

Brian Woods Reportedly Steps Down as President of USFL

2022 saw the USFL return to the field, this time under the FOX umbrella. Although not directly connected, it’s hard to argue that we’d see the USFL had it not been for The Spring League.

Back in 2020 when the XFL was forced to shutter its doors due to COVID, we saw TSL quickly put together a hub season which ultimately landed on FOX. With the short season in the books and uncertaintly on when sports may return to normal the league was signed for another season.

Shortly after The Spring League kicked off their 2021 season it was revealed that the USFL would be returning.

This was thanks to TSL’s CEO Brian Woods holding many of the former USFL trademarks. With FOX now in the mix, they assumed majority owenership of the new league. Woods’ would go on to serve as the President of Football Operations, side-by-side with Daryl Johnson.

The USFL is currently working towards season two, but we’re hearing word that there’s going to be at least one departure going into next year.

Sources are tellings us that Brian Woods has resigned from his role with the USFL. They also tell us that he left on his own accord and felt that it was the right time to move on.

We’ve reached out to the USFL for a comment, but at the time of publication have not received confirmation.

This is definitely a big move for the league, but with FOX behind the wheel we don’t expect this have any major implications. There is no word on who may replace Woods’ in the short or long term, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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  1. I can only speak to what I can see. I saw some really good football last Spring. Think about it. Most of the players that joined the USFL last year are players that hadn’t played organized football at a high level in 2 years. The league was formed with good coaches who taught motivated players to play football and literally became professionals for the most part. I don’t know to what part of that was Brian Woods, but whatever part that was I thank him. Here or elsewhere I send well wishes.

  2. I keep bringing up the name, but maybe Rick Neuheisel would be a good match match. Wikipedia has him as an attorney. I know him as a coach and player and he is the right age to have the experience he does, but isn’t too old. Also, has the tie to the USFL and is aware if what can happen when a league spends miney it doesn’t have.

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