BREAKING: Fraudulent XFL Draft Pool Invites Making Rounds

BREAKING: Fraudulent XFL Draft Pool Invites Making Rounds

As the XFL’s 2022 draft quickly approaches, many players have received invites to the draft. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be picked up by a team – but it does give them an opportunity to be in the pool of players that are eligible to be drafted.

Unfortunately, Michael Lathrop (Let’s Talk XFL Podcast) has learned that there are fake pool invites being spread.

Essentially, here’s what is happening. Certain individuals got a hold of the invite link, and leaked it for unknown reasons. Since then, a few particular agencies got their hands on that link – and are now using it to deviously get their players into the draft.


Lathrop graciously gave us more detail as to what’s going on:

The link is a copy/paste from an actual invitation. Other agencies are sharing it because it will actually get their players on to the draft pool list. But, the league is removing these players who weren’t legitimately invited. So these players are essentially getting scammed & believe they’ve made it into the XFL draft, when in reality they haven’t.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, these agencies are tricking their athletes into thinking that they are in the draft pool. As of right now, the XFL is reportedly removing names that do not belong. An easy fix for now, would be changing the link entirely. This would prevent further usage of illegitimate names.

We are hoping to hear some sort of statement from the XFL themselves concerning this issue soon, before more problems arise. To all the XFL hopefuls out there: please, be careful. Make sure that what you are taking part of is legitimate, and be wary of an agency potentially pulling a fast one.

We will keep you as informed as possible as we continue to learn more details on the topic. To stay up to date, make sure to follow us on Twitter, and check back for the latest reports.

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