Breaking Down XFL TV Ratings From Week Eight

Breaking Down XFL TV Ratings From Week Eight

Week eight in the XFL is complete, and it was an entertaining weekend of football. The XFL TV ratings prove that notion, as there were plenty of viewers for the four matchups.

XFL TV Ratings From Week Eight:

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. Vegas Vipers (ESPN): 868,000
Orlando Guardians vs. Arlington Renegades (ESPN): 679,000
San Antonio Brahmas vs. Houston Roughnecks (ABC): 1.006M
Seattle Sea Dragons vs. DC Defenders (ESPN2): 487,000

This a step in the right direction for the XFL. After seeing some disappointing numbers in week seven, the league rebounded quite nicely this weekend.

It makes sense, given the circumstances. Three of the four games were on ESPN/ABC, which are far more powerful channels than ESPN2 or FX.

Competition Heading Towards Week Nine

Also, the XFL had very little competition to deal with this weekend, outside of the Masters. Now that March Madness and Wrestlemania are behind us, the league can now see better time slots – on better channels – down the stretch of the season.

Now, it will be quite intriguing to see how the USFL plays a factor. The competitive spring league kicks off their season this weekend, which means that the XFL will have to find a way to directly compete with their rivals.

At the same time, the USFL has a very strong infrastructure from a television deals perspective. The league is backed by FOX Sports, and also has a rights deal with NBC. As both leagues go head-to-head, there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding whether there’s enough viewers to support two spring football entities.

Something to note as well is ESPN+. The streaming service features every XFL game, yet those numbers have not been released to the public. While they are still unknown, it’s reasonable to assume that ESPN+ provides some more depth to the XFL TV Ratings.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the ratings still have a ways to go before they rival that of the 2020 XFL. With that being said, if the league can finally be prioritized by Disney networks, that’s excellent news for the XFL and its fans.

Week nine of the XFL kicks off on Saturday, at 12:30pm ET on ABC as the Houston Roughnecks host the Vegas Vipers.

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