Bob Stoops reportedly close to deal with FSU

Bob Stoops reportedly close to deal with FSU

Roughly two weeks ago we reported that Willie Taggart was soon to be out as head coach of FSU. One of the names FSU boosters were pushing for was Renegades Head Coach/GM Bob Stoops. At the time we dismissed this, but it seems that there is some fire to go with the smoke.

Just earlier today we gave an update on the situation and Bob Stoops name had re-emerged as a contender for the role. Not only that, but he was allegedly seen at the FSU campus.

Could it be true? Is Bob Stoops about to sign with Florida State? Well, it may just be. According to WTXL’s sources Stoops’ is close to signing a deal with FSU.

If true, what does this mean for his stint in the XFL? We don’t know yet. But, we should know soon. It sounds like an announcement could come as early as this week and as late as next week.

Although unlikely, if Stoops does sign on with FSU it is still possible that he fulfills his contractual obligations with the XFL. If not, then the league has some roles to fill, and fast. We don’t want to head down that road just yet, not until we know more at least.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.