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Birmingham Stallions Set to Host UFL Town Hall on Feb 8th

The United Football League (UFL) is ramping up towards their first season. Yesterday it was announced that the Michigan Panthers would be holding a town hall on February 10th. The event is set to feature UFL CEO Russ Brandon and Panthers head coach Mike Nolan.

It looks like the UFL is looking to do a few or these in the same timeframe. Just now it was revealed that the Birmingham Stallions will be holding their own town hall on February 8th.

Fans of the back-to-back USFL Champions will be greeted by Russ Brandon, Birmingham Stallions head coach Skip Holtz and Daryl Johnston.

Many are eagerly awaiting the 2024 UFL season schedule, and we think this is a good indicator that it’s right around the corner. We expect that everything should be released by the time that these town halls are set to take place.

With two UFL teams now holding fan engagement events, we’re hoping to see more teams jump on the bandwagon.

Do you plan on attending either of the UFL town halls? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.