Betting Odds Say Michigan Panthers are Favorites to Win USFL Championship

Betting Odds Say Michigan Panthers are Favorites to Win USFL Championship

The USFL is set to kickoff one month from today, but already we’re starting to see early odds appear for the championship. Last week, we saw our first odds for the championship when DraftKings released their lines.

Now, we have a loot at what FOX Bet has lined up; and the Michigan Panthers are still leading the pack.

The odds slightly differ between the two sportsbooks. DraftKings had a three-way tie for last place between the Birmingham Stallions, Houston Gamblers and New Jersey Generals. FOX Bet has the New Orleans Breakers with the worst chance at securing the title, with the Gamblers and Pittsburgh Maulers not far off. For a comparison, DraftKings has the Breakers second behind the Panthers.

USFL Championship Betting Odds - DraftKings

As the season nears, and especially as it begins, you can expect to see these odds moving around quite a bit. Naturally, this sets up some good opportunities to get some early wagers in before we know who the breakout teams are going to be this season.

Needless to say, there’s one thing that the different odds makers agree with; that the Michigan Panthers are the team to watch. The franchise arguably has the biggest name coach in the USFL with Jeff Fisher leading the charge. Not to mention they have the largest social media following by far. That being said, followers don’t always equate to victories.

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