Best of Spring Football 2021 Voting Begins Now | USFL XFL & More...

Best of Spring Football 2021 Voting Begins Now | USFL XFL & More…

2021 has been a heck of a year. We started it off knee-deep in COVID, but by the end we’ve slowly started getting back to normal. More importantly, fans are back in attendance to enjoy the games.

2020 didn’t exactly go as we’d all hope, when things started out the XFL gave us hope that a spring league could succeed where others failed. Moving to 2021, we started to see much more hope, and a lot more spring football.

As usual, we’re going to be doing a LIVE ‘Best of’ stream on Youtube, but before we do that we wanted to get your feedback!

The livestream is set to be hosted by Pro Football Newsroom’s Stephan Rachuk and Zach Keilman of the Gridiron Gallery. The date is still TBD, but will take place between Christmas and New Years. Beyond the fan voting, the two will be discussing their favorite spring football moments of the year… and there may even a few surprises in store.

Let your voices be heard, vote on your favorite spring football moment of 2021 and let us know which return you’re excited for the most below!

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