BattleHawks Win Poll for All-Time Best St. Louis Football Jersey

BattleHawks Win Poll for All-Time Best St. Louis Football Jersey

2020 has been crazy to say the least. We’ve seen the XFL come, go and may possibly see it return all in the same year. During the resurgence of the XFL, St. Louis built up quite the fan-base. The BattleHawks were set to sell upwards of 50,000 tickets in its week 7 match against the Los Angeles Wildcats before the league was forced to suspend the season due to COVID-19.

The BattleHawks may be gone (for now), but the base is still making noise. Earlier this week, Fox Sports Midwest ran a poll on Twitter to decide the all-time best St. Louis football jersey. The candidates were the 95-99 Rams, 79-87 Cardinals, The Stallions (Proposed Team) and the BattleHawks.

In the first bracket, the 95-99 Rams narrowly beat out the St. Louis BattleHawks, putting them in the top two to allow fans to battle it out to decide the ultimate winner.

BattleHawks fans across the internet united in the final poll to great success. The BattleHawks beat out the Rams 57.5% to 42.5% to be names the best St. Louis football jersey of all time.

It’s not much, but it’s something. This shows the BattleHawks fans have not disappeared and want their football back… again…. Clearly, this is not nearly as awesome of an achievement as if the team would have made it to the XFL Championship, which they looked in good position in the East. With all the news coming out lately, if the XFL does return it seems that a return to St. Louis is a safe bet.