Bart Andrus Reveals Some Philadelphia Stars Coaching Hires

Bart Andrus Reveals Some Philadelphia Stars Coaching Hires

It’s been a big news week for the USFL, and it’s not stopping just yet. It was expected that we’d see a rapid fire of announcements from the league to kick off the year, and they have not delivered.

After the USFL held a media event this week at Protective Stadium, we learned that the debut game would be simulcast on FOX and NBC, which is the first time a sporting event has been broadcast on multiple partners since Super Bowl 1.

Then, the league finalized the checklist, dropping the last two head coaches, giving us a much clearer vision of the teams that will competing this spring. With all of the head coaches now revealed, we’re now starting to hear news on the coaching staffs.

Philadelphia Stars head coach Bart Andrus joined the Dan Sileo Show, where he said his staff is mostly filled out, and even gave us a few of the names.

Among the list, he mentions that Brad Miller will serve as Defensive Coordinator, Jeff Jagodzinksi as Offensive Line coach, Martin Bayless as DB/Special Teams coach and Marcel Bellefeuille; which he doesn’t specifically mention his role. @NewsUSFL on Twitter speculates that it could possible for the Offensive Coordinator position.

Looking at the eight head coaches in the USFL, Bart Andrus is the only one coming over from The Spring League. In 2021, he led TSL’s version of the Generals, but with the new league he’s taking on a new franchise.

He was among the first coaches to be announced by the league, so he’s seemingly got a head start building out his staff. And, he’s not wasting anytime getting it done.

With all coaches in place, the focus will now shift to the end of February, where the leagues player selection meeting will take place. Each team is set to pick 45 players, compiling their 38-man active roster and 7-man practice squad.

Andrus, has a great start with these hires and he should be able to lean on their previous experience to help fill out his roster. You can watch his full spot on the show below, it starts around the 29 minute mark.

We expect to hear more staff hires as we get closer to the draft, and we’ll keep you posted as more come out.

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