Bad officiating makes the XFL the biggest winner of Championship Sunday

Bad officiating makes the XFL the biggest winner of Championship Sunday

If you watched the Rams at the Saints than I’m sure you are aware of the non-call seen around the world. It’s not often that you can get 73,000 people to all agree on something, but everybody inside the Mercedez-Benz Superdome definitely agreed on one thing after the Rams stunning 26-23 win over New Orleans on Championship Sunday: The Saints got hosed by one of the worst no-calls in NFL history.

Twitter users also seemed to agree. Shortly after the no call, many fans turned to social media to vent their frustrations about the officiating in this game and many others in the NFL.

The timing could not be more perfect for the XFL. On January 18th (two days prior to the game), the Official Twitter account of the XFL posted the following.

At the time it received mixed reactions, with just about over 50% being supportive of less ref interference in the game. Fast forward to Sunday night, and here is what Twitter users were saying after Nickell Robey-Coleman obliterated TommyLee Lewis well before the arrival of the ball.

These are just a small sample of the types of posts that were being shared around after the missed pass interference call, and throughout the Patriots/Chiefs game. A lot of which used much more course language than the ones posted above.

Last nights set of Championship games could be the greatest gift the XFL could ask for. One of the key focus areas for the XFL is Less Stall, More Ball. With goals of having less than 10 penalties per game and bringing the amount of time the refs administer the penalties down to 15 seconds and a total game time under 3 hours. There are also rumors that the XFL will use a shorter play clock. All of these items come into play, if the XFL can keep the momentum and push this as a major talking point for next season, I think we could see a lot of NFL fans scorned by the refs jumping to the XFL (I’m looking at you Lion’s fans).

Oliver Luck has stated in multiple interviews they plan on announcing their TV deal within the next few weeks, which lines up perfectly with Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not saying that the XFL should get a Super Bowl ad, but the timing of these announcement could benefit them immensely. I expect some type of an announcement, whether it be a TV deal or something else to occur on or the day after the Super Bowl. Only time will tell, but the second we hear anything you will definitely be able to find it at