Argos Players Jump into Stands to Fight Tiger-Cats Fans After Easter Final Loss

Video Shows Argos Players Jump into Stands to Fight Tiger-Cats Fans After Eastern Final Loss

Yesterday the CFL held its Eastern and Western Finals to determine who would meet in Hamilton to play in 108th Grey Cup. The first game of the afternoon saw the Hamilton Tiger-Cats fight back to defeat the Toronto Argonauts to secure home field advantage in the championship game.

After the loss, things got a little heated between fans and a few Argos players. A video shows players from the Argonauts make their way into the crowd after the game, where they start fighting after one Tiger-Cats supporter allegedly spit beer in a players face.

This was a close game, the Argonauts had shut out the Tiger-Cats in the first half only to let it all go and allow Hamilton to claw their way back.

As the players made their way off the field, Chris Edwards made his way into the stands.

He appeared to be looking for somewhen, when a Tiger-Cats fan can be seen getting in his face and pushing him. That’s when Edwards had enough and started swinging at the fan.

Unfortunately, it got worse from there. It looked as if the situation was under control, but you can see the clip showing Argos staff mixing it up with fans as the team heads to the locker room.

Either way you look at this situation, it’s not good. Fans should never disrespect the players, especially by spitting on them or throwing things at them. That being said, the players should have enough discipline to have the restraint to keep their cool.

This was a tough loss for the Argos, but it should have never ended like this. The 108th Grey Cup will be televised December 12th in Canada on TSN as usual, but fans in the United States will be able to tune in on ESPN2 or ESPN+.

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