Arena Football League (AFL) and A7FL Partner To Develop Next Generation of Football Stars

Arena Football League (AFL) and A7FL Partner To Develop Next Generation of Football Stars

Partnership Set to Significantly Expand Audience for the A7FL’s 10th Season Opening March 24th

Key Areas of Cooperation:
• Coordinate Joint Events
• Pursue Mutual Marketing, Sponsorship and Media Rights Opportunities
• Maximize Exposure and Commercial Potential

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA, January 16, 2024 – Today, the Arena Football League (AFL) announced a groundbreaking partnership with American 7s Football League (A7FL) to develop the next generation of football stars and increase the overall depth of talent across both leagues.

The AFL – known for its 8-on-8 indoor tackle football league – and the A7FL – which operates a unique 7-on-7 format with no helmets and no pads in a tackle football league – will enable athletes to seamlessly transition between leagues.

For example, if AFL teams need to add more depth and bolster their rosters, they will be able to bring on talented players from A7FL to add reinforcements.

The athlete transfers between both leagues will foster an environment conducive to the development and exposure of exceptional football players. It also marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of both leagues as they embark on a visionary journey together to grow in the ubiquitous landscape of football.

“This unprecedented partnership with A7FL enables us to leverage our collective resources to deliver a premium product on the field while also creating a new competitive model for the pro football landscape,” AFL Commissioner Lee Hutton said. “Through this collaboration, we’ll be in position to discover new talent, mold rising stars into superstars and help more players unlock their full athletic potential.”

“Partnering with the Arena Football League will provide A7FL athletes a new and valuable opportunity to continue playing football at the highest level.  Building on our promise to fans and investors, we expanded the league to 34 teams and over 1200 athletes in 10 markets across the U.S. We are taking the monumental next step, in partnership with the AFL, to usher in the future of American 7s Football,” said A7FL CEO Sener Korkusuz.

As part of the partnership between the AFL and A7FL, both leagues will collectively align on marketing efforts that will spotlight these transfers, elevating the visibility of athletes transitioning between the AFL and the A7FL.

Additionally, the AFL and A7FL will coordinate joint events, creating unparalleled experiences for football enthusiasts and uniting fans in celebration of the sport they love. Through a unified approach, both leagues will pursue mutual sponsorship opportunities, leverage collective branding strategies, and optimize media rights partnerships, maximizing exposure and commercial potential.

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Entering its 10th season, the American 7s Football League (A7FL) has grown to 36 teams and 10 divisions across the country by pioneering a familiar yet completely new format for America’s most popular sport: 7-on-7 football without helmets or hard-shell pads. The A7FL’s unique format retains the toughness that fans of all ages crave while its unique gameplay delivers action-filled performances that generate tens of millions of views and attract a new, younger audience (more than 75% are 18-34). Founded in 2014 by CEO Sener Korkusuz and President Ryan DePaul, the Spring (March-July) league’s exciting new style has also attracted UFC® Co-Founder David Isaacs as Advisory Board Chair. The A7FL boasts over 850K social media followers and partnerships with DAZN, Caffeine.TV, beIN Sports, Stadium Sports, and To experience A7FL action, go to, follow @a7fl on Instagram or email [email protected].

A7FL Season Opens March 24 – AFL Season Opens April 28

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