Archie B. Hawk Could Have Been the St. Louis BattleHawks Mascot

Archie B. Hawk Could Have Been the St. Louis BattleHawks Mascot

Yesterday was the not only the day that the XFL sale was finalized with the new ownership group, but it was also the one year anniversary of the date that all eight of the XFL’s franchises revealed their names and logos.

Former St. Louis BattleHawks Team President Kurt Hunzeker took to Twitter to say that in an alternate universe we may be introduced to Archie B. Hawk.

Archie is in reference to the famous St. Louis Arch, the B. For Battle and clearly Hawk speaks for itself.

This sent the internet into a frenzy. We could have seen our first mascot in the XFL had the coronavirus never came and ruined everything. But, it seems that Archie wasn’t set to be the only member of the gang. Former BattleHawks communications director Brian Stull responded that if he recalled correctly Archie wasn’t coming alone.

We still don’t know the full details on what this Archie B. Hawk character would entail, but it’s fun to imagine. Now that the XFL is under new ownership we’re hoping that we may finally see the day that Archie B. Hawk is revealed to the BattleHawk and XFL fans.

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