XFL Updates Website — Adds FAQ on 2022 Season

Another XFL Hire Revealed on Social Media

Last month the XFL broke their silence and announced the first set of hires under the new ownership group. This was the first news to come from the league since they concluded their talks with the CFL and postponed their return to 2023.

The first hires were a mix of new and returning members, but was headlined by the news that Russ Brandon would be coming in to serve as XFL President.

Well, today it looks like we have another XFL hire that snuck under the radar. We want to thank XFL Newsroom contributor Jake Henry for bringing this to our attention.

Cheshire Academy has tweeted out that David Dykeman, who served as the schools head football coach, will be leaving for a role in the XFL.

Dykeman will reportedly be coming into the XFL as Director of Football Special Projects. The Director of Special Projects generally conducts long-range planning for the organizations facilities and services, implementing solutions and projects.

This may not be a huge announcement like the other hires, but every piece of the machine counts when you want to be successful.

I’m sure we’ll learn more about this and many other hires in the near future. Now that the XFL has brought in some back-office talent, we’re starting to see more news come through. Case in point, last week XFL co-owner Dany Garcia shared an image on Instagram which outlines the XFL 2023 kickoff timelines.

In the leak we learn that the XFL will be kicking off February 18th, 2023, with combines in June ’22 and training camps in January ’23.

Needless to say we’re getting more and more excited about the return of the XFL everyday.

Who would you like see jump on board or return to the XFL in 2023? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.