Alize Mack & Cody Latimer Developing Special Bond With Brahmas

Alize Mack & Cody Latimer Developing Special Bond With Brahmas

The San Antonio Brahmas feature two of the top tight ends in the UFL. Alize Mack returns, and he’s joined by All-XFL weapon Cody Latimer, who made his way to the team during the dispersal draft process.

Throughout Training Camp, these two absolute units have been working closely together to prepare to deliver a one-two punch this season. Cody’s role is to be a tight end/wide receiver hybrid, as he’s down quite a few pounds from last year – which should allow him to create even more space while running routes.

On the other hand, Alize Mack put on some more muscle for this upcoming year, prepared to block at a high level – and also catch passes when needed.

During media availability, Mack spoke about how important his relationship with Latimer is, and what it means to him heading into this season.

“We have this thing right now on offense, called ‘The Sweet Life Of Mack & Cody’. It’s exciting. It has been a joy to work with and learn from him. Cody means a lot to me. He’s like a big brother to me…since day one we’ve clicked, and he’s someone who has helped me develop a routine for myself. We both compete out there and push each other.”

Developing a strong work ethic is something that Latimer continually encourages Alize to embrace, setting the example by putting his words into action.

“Cody, he goes out 40 minutes before practice, sometimes near an hour. Since day one I noticed that. I told him, ‘man I notice you go out there like an hour before practice and there is no one out here’. But I realized, when I started doing that, you start having conversations that you normally wouldn’t have. Whether it’s coaches, teammates, etc. – but more importantly, you develop a routine. Going out there early and getting prepared allows me to be fully dialed into practice when it starts. I found it to be very beneficial in my process, and it’s something I wish I had earlier in my career.”

With the multiple assets that the duo bring to the table for San Antonio, fans should expect both to play at a high level, utilizing their skill sets to their full potential.

“Obviously any time you have tight ends that can block, but can also catch the ball, that creates issues for defenses. I don’t know if Cody gets enough credit for this, but he can block too. He’s physical, and he has the will to do it. I wouldn’t necessarily look at it as we’re both one-sided, but we’re balanced.”

Cody Latimer had plenty of good things to say about Alize as well. The duo have clearly generated chemistry since day one in UFL Training Camp, which will give them an advantage heading into this season.

“Having Alize, it’s great man. He makes my life easier. I think we’re gonna make a big impact this year. He is a hard worker. Makes a lot of plays. Strong in the trenches. He has a wide range for making catches, too. If the ball is anywhere in his facility, it’s coming down. I know I’m the old head in here but I’m learning a lot from him too. I think we’ll be a good one-two punch.”

Looking back at what these two accomplished last year separately, one can only imagine what this offense will look like with both of them on the same roster.

Cody Latimer absolutely tore up the XFL last year with the Orlando Guardians. He was named to the All-XFL team, totaling 593 receiving yards and four touchdowns. While Orlando as a whole struggled, Cody was a big piece to the success they saw throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Alize Mack was a key component for the Brahmas. He finished the year with 230 receiving yards and a touchdown, starting in all ten games. This led to a training camp stint with the Tennessee Titans, but an MCL injury resulted in his release, and now he’s back in the spring football scene.

San Antonio Brahmas fans will have to enjoy this duo while they can. Unfortunately, this appears to be Cody Latimer’s final year as a professional football player:

“I’m done after this year. I didn’t get an NFL opportunity after last year, and I probably won’t get one this year. I think I’m going to hang them up after this season…I’m going to miss this feeling. The camaraderie you have in that locker room, the brotherhood, there’s nothing like it. Football, with teammates around, is the best feeling ever. For me, this year is about getting that last itch out and enjoying the process. These teammates here motivate me, there’s a lot of amazing human beings on this team.”

If this is his last season, it will be a special one. Mack and Latimer are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the talent that this team rosters. If there’s any team that’s a “sleeper” in the UFL, it’s the San Antonio Brahmas, no doubt.

The Brahmas will kick off their season on March 30th at 12pm ET, hosting the DC Defenders.

What are your thoughts on Alize Mack and Cody Latimer as a tight end duo this year? Will the Brahmas make a Championship run? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!