AJ Styles Reacts To The Rock Buying The XFL

AJ Styles Reacts To The Rock Buying The XFL

Earlier this week it was announced that Dany Garcia, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson along with Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital had purchased the XFL. Most recently, WWE Superstar AJ Styles commented on The Rock’s $15 million purchase and revealed his honest opinion about this deal.

During his latest stream on Twitch, AJ Styles revealed that he is truly excited about The Rock purchasing the XFL. He believes that the latter certainly knows the trends and can get people behind it because he is ‘The Rock’. Here’s what AJ Styles had to say,

“I’m excited about that! If there’s one guy that knows [trends], and people will get behind, it’s The Rock. Well, it certainly was cheap. I hope he’s able to get after it. Not that Vince wasn’t going to, but under the circumstances, The Rock got it and I think he can do something special with it. I really do.”

Having said that, AJ Styles still believes that it will take time for the entire tournament to restart as setting up teams and so much more is quite difficult during the time of the pandemic. He further added,

“You can’t pull it off at this time; you’ve got to get teams and all this stuff. I think the teams that were are just not anymore, so yeah, I just don’t see that happening during the COVID times.”

Seeing that this will be the third time the XFL is revived the new ownership group can use all the support they can get. So far, reactions are overwhelmingly positive for the new owners and we hope it stays that way.