AFL Reveals Latest Team Name — Washington Wolfpack

AFL Reveals Latest Team Name — Washington Wolfpack

It’s been a wild year for arena football fans, and it’s looking to be even crazier in 2024. Back in February it was revealed that the Arena Football League (AFL) would be making a return next year.

Since then we’ve a good amount of information on how the AFL plans to get back on the field.

Today the league took another important step towards finalizing every thing for next season. Live from a press conference in Everett, WA a whole batch of details came out on the new arena team.

Naturally, a lot of fans have been waiting to learn the identity of the new franchise, and the league did not miss a step. After greeting the press, it was revealed that the team would be named the Washington Wolfpack. Beyond that, they also unveiled the logo for the new franchise.

Head Coach JR Wells came out to speak after the new identity was announced, and he started it by saying “I’m ready to get this party going.”

During the press conference he was very relaxed, seemingly a man of the people.

Coach Wells touched on the upcoming AFL combine. He spoke on looking for players that are in it to win it. He wants players that are “hungry and humble, team players not me players.”

As we mentioned above, this is another big step towards the 2024 AFL return. Rumors have started to make the rounds that some big news could be coming out of Arizona soon. If what we’re hearing is correct, we should see some big names from the original AFL coming back in a meaningful way when the AZ news drops.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on the 2024 AFL season.

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