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ABC/ESPN XFL Ratings are in for Week 3

Week 3 just wrapped up for the XFL and we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the ratings. Last week the league sustained an over 2 Million viewer average for the weekend. How do things fair for this week?

As of now, we only have the numbers for the games that were televised on ABC and ESPN. For the first game of the weekend, which showcased the Houston Roughnecks going on the road for the first time to take on the Tampa Bay Vipers averages 1.914 Million Viewers on ABC. The viewership peaked between 4:45-5pm, with 2.571 Million viewers.

For the Sunday game on ESPN, the New York Guardians took on the St. Louis BattleHawks in their first home game at The Dome. This game averaged 1.473 Million viewers, peaking at 1.640 Million between 4:45-5pm.

Over all, there was a slight drop but these are still solid numbers. There are a lot of successful sports broadcasts that survive with 1-1.5 Million viewers, and this is just the first XFL season. If the league continues to put on a good show with great football, expect these numbers to go up in subsequent seasons.

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  1. The game play was better this week. Even with two lopsided scores, it LOOKED better. If the league is so cash right that it can’t sustain several weeks of middling TV ratings, and maybe we are just AAF conditioned to sense doom, then this should never have been attempted. Expect some rough waters because this league is going to separate quickly good teams from bad, with some bad on bad pairings straight ahead. That shouldn’t be enough to tank this league. I hope. It is worth watching.

  2. I love the xfl. I hope its round for awhile cause the action is worth watching!!! We know the beet team so far and yes, I’m from the city of the best team in the league. Go Houston Roughnecks!!!

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