Sneak Peak at Globe Life's Renovation

A Sneak Peak at Globe Life’s Renovation

Back in October representatives from the Rangers, Renegades and FC Dallas met at Globe Life to unveil renders up the upcoming renovations. At the time it seemed that the Renegades may have to play on the road for the first week. Since then, we’ve learned that construction will be complete by February and the St. Louis BattleHawks will travel to Dallas for their first game.Globe Life Park Render

This past Saturday the Dallas Renegades held a sneak peak event for fan to give a look at status of the stadium, as well as scout your seats for the upcoming Renegades season. XFL Newsroom photographer W. Scott McGill was able to attend the event and give us a look at the progress. As you’ll see in the pictures, there’s still a lot a work to be done before the stadium is complete. But, so far, everything seems to be on track.At the sneak peak McGill spoke with Matthew Petrov (Renegades Sales) and heĀ  said even though the weather was bad that day, they had a steady crowd of visitors all day long to look at the park renovations and location of the seats. He said sales on seats as well as suite sales have been very good so far.Something fans have been wondering about since Globe Life was announced as the home location for the Renegades, was the new seating. According to McGill, these are the best seats in the stadium.

These new seats look to be better than any NFL seats in America. You are right in the action of the game with these seats….