A Potential Look at the Secondary Logos for Each XFL Team

A Potential Look at the Secondary Logos for Each XFL Team

Earlier today the XFL finally revealed the team names and logos for all eight teams in the leadup to their 2023 return.

With the big news came a lot of press. With ESpN being their broadcast partner next season, it was only natural that they would put out a piece. Now, here’s where things get interesting. In their original article, the sports network included images that seem to show what the XFL plans to use for secondary logos for each team.

Let’s take a look.

Arlington Renegades

Arlington Renegades | Secondary Logo

First up is the city that is serving as the XFL’s HQ this time around; Arlington. Although they didn’t stick with the Renegades logo from 2020, it seems as if they may still be utilizing it for the teams secondary logo.

DC Defenders

DC Defenders | Secondary Logo

Moving east to DC, the Defenders are also switching things up. The new primary logo is a stylized version of “DC”. If you were a fan of the shield, well it looks like it’s still around… sort of. The teams alternative logo is a new take on the shield logo of 2020.

Houston Roughnecks

Houston Roughnecks | Secondary Logo

There was a lot of speculation that the Roughnecks would receive a new treatment after the old logo had trademark issues. Well, rather than coming up with something completely new, the XFL is just putting a slight twist on the oil derrick they used in the past.

Looking at the secondary logo, the XFL is shying away from the old and bringing a new look all together. The good news is, if you were a fan of the color scheme, that is here to stay.

Orlando Guardians

Orlando Guardians | Secondary Logo

The Guardians are making the move from New York to Orlando, and along with it they’ve made some slight adjustments to the primary logo. The secondary is similar to a version the team was planning on using in 2020, but with an updated color to match the new scheme in Orlando.

San Antonio Brahmas

San Antonio Brahmas | Secondary Logo

The Brahmas is technically the only new team in the league. There were some subtle changes to the Dragons monikur, but this one is completely new.

The main logo depicts a Brahma skull that you might find in the desert, but they kept things simple on the secondary. For this, the league has given some tratment to the Brahmas ‘B’ to give it a pair of horns.

Seattle Sea Dragons

Seattle Sea Dragons | Secondary Logo

This one’s and interesting one. Although the league is returning to Seattle, they put a twist on not only the logos but the name. The franchise is now going from the ‘Dragons’ to ‘Sea-Dragons’. With the new name comes a new version of both the primary and secondary logos.

The main logo is a much more simplified version from 2020, stylizing a dragon into the shape of an s. Now, the secondary logo has seemed to get some praise on Facebook and Discord. With this the league is experementing with stylizing the ‘S’ and ‘D’ letters using the team branding and a trident.

St. Louis BattleHawks

St. Louis BattleHawks | Secondary Logo

It was expected that the St. Louis BattleHawks would return, and of course the league delivered. The main logo only has a few subtle tweaks, but the secondary logo has received a bit of criticism online.

The graphics shows a very plain stlyization of the letters ‘STL’.

Vegas Vipers

Vegas Vipers | Secondary Logo

The Vipers were around in 2020, but with the move out west they’re receiving a new treatment. Now using red and black, the league made some adjustments to the main logo, but not straying too far off from what we had before.

Now, the secondary logo is pretty interesting. At first glance it may seem just like the letters ‘LV’, but it seems to be a throwback to 2001 when the XFL had the Outlaws in Vegas.

Las Vegas Outlaws Logo


With the logos revealed the XFL Shop has now re-opened, givings fans a chance to scoop up some new gear. We’ll just need to wait and see when these logos are made official if you’ll be able to pick up some merch.

Again, since these were potentially leaked early, it’s quite possible that this isn’t the final product.

The league is rapidly approaching their Feb ’23 return, so we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

What are your thoughts on the XFL team names and logos? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.