XFL Draft Set for Nov 16 According to Anthony Becht

22 Players Sign Letters of Intent with XFL

The XFL may currently be in talks with the USFL about merging operations, but until the deal closes things are still business as usual.

Earlier this week it was reported that the league was seeing some departures at the executive level. Naturally, this raised the alarm bells for many fans online. But, as you can see, the XFL is still making moves in the background.

The social accounts for XFL PR just announced that 22 players have signed letters of intent to join the league.

If the XFL and USFL don’t merge, the plan is to play next season as expected. If the deal goes through, it looks as if the combined league may take on a whole new identity. On the FOX side, National Spring Football League (NSFL) has been registered. The XFL on the other hand recently registered a trademark for United Football League (UFL).

Regardless of what the league will be called in 2024, it looks like they are still on the hunt for talent when they do hit the field.

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