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2024 United Football League (UFL) Free Agent Tracker

Refresh this page for the latest signings during United Football League (UFL) Free Agency on the road to their 2024 season. You can view all of the results of the first two phases of the UFL Dispersal Draft here and you can view the full results on the UFL Super Draft here.

WRDarrius ShepherdSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
WRSlade BoldenBirmingham StallionsLink
WRJerome KappSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
RBJohn LovettSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DBMark GilbertBirmingham StallionsLink
SVernon ScottSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DTCaeveon PattonSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DTKobe SmithSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
DBIke BrownBirmingham StallionsLink
WRAustin AllenArlington RenegadesLink
WRIsaiah WinsteadArlington RenegadesLink
WRKevin AustinBirmingham StallionsLink
OLDeonte BrownBirmingham StallionsLink
DLOwen CarneyBirmingham StallionsLink
DLCarlos DavisBirmingham StallionsLink
RBLarry Roundtree IIIBirmingham StallionsLink
OLJosh SokolBirmingham StallionsLink
WRJordan ThomasBirmingham StallionsLink
TEDerrick Deese Jr.Houston RoughnecksLink
DBJavon HicksHouston RoughnecksLink
RBRyan NallHouston RoughnecksLink
WRNick GuggemosMichigan PanthersLink
DBJamal PerryMichigan PanthersLink
WRTrey QuinnMichigan PanthersLink
KMatt AmmendolaSan Antonio BrahmasLink
OLGreg EilandSan Antonio BrahmasLink
OLChuck FilagaSan Antonio BrahmasLink
QBChase GerbersSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DBGavin HelsopSan Antonio BrahmasLink
LBJoel IyiegbuniweSan Antonio BrahmasLink
OLDerrick KellySan Antonio BrahmasLink
WRJontre KirklinSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DLTerrance LangSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DLJason LewanSan Antonio BrahmasLink
WRAlize MackSan Antonio BrahmasLink
LBZach McCloudSan Antonio BrahmasLink
LBGarrett NelsonSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DBScott NelsonSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DBDarius PhillipsSan Antonio BrahmasLink
WRMarquez StevensonSan Antonio BrahmasLink
OLJarrid WilliamsSan Antonio BrahmasLink
WRMarcell AtemanSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
WRJeffrey ThomasSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
QBEJ PerryMichigan PanthersLink
RBDevin DarringtonArlington RenegadesLink
RBMorgan EllisonArlington RenegadesLink
DBNasir GreerArlington RenegadesLink
LBMarquel LeeArlington RenegadesLink
LSAntonio ReedArlington RenegadesLink
WRJaVonta PaytonArlington RenegadesLink
DBBrandon RusnakArlington RenegadesLink
LBColin SchoolerArlington RenegadesLink
DELaRon StokesArlington RenegadesLink
WRTyler VaughnsArlington RenegadesLink
DB Terrell BondsBirmingham StallionsLink
DBAlijah HolderBirmingham StallionsLink
DLT.J. BarnesDC DefendersLink
TTommy ChampionDC DefendersLink
DEMalik FisherDC DefendersLink
LBFerrod GardnerDC DefendersLink
RBDarius HagansDC DefendersLink
DBSam KiddDC DefendersLink
CMichael MaiettiDC DefendersLink
QBJalan McClendonDC DefendersLink
KMatthew CraneDC DefendersLink
DBDejuan NealDC DefendersLink
DBSantos RamirezDC DefendersLink
DBNydair RouseDC DefendersLink
WRTrea ShropshireDC DefendersLink
DETariqious TisdaleDC DefendersLink
DLJoseph WallaceDC DefendersLink
WRSteven DunbarHouston RoughnecksLink
LBAyinde EleyHouston RoughnecksLink
OLBrandon HaskinHouston RoughnecksLink
QBNolan HendersonHouston RoughnecksLink
OLBraylon JonesHouston RoughnecksLink
LBMarvin MoodyHouston RoughnecksLink
DBShaman MooreHouston RoughnecksLink
TNorman PriceHouston RoughnecksLink
DBAntonio ReedMemphis ShowboatsLink
LBMaximilian RobertsMemphis ShowboatsLink
DBTye SmithMemphis ShowboatsLink
CJared ThomasMemphis ShowboatsLink
RBBrycen AlleyneSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DEDrew BeesleySan Antonio BrahmasLink
TMichael BrownSan Antonio BrahmasLink
TECody LatimerSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DBRyan LewisSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DBMac McCainSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DLCaeveon PattonSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DLDelontae ScottSan Antonio BrahmasLink
QBReid SinnettSan Antonio BrahmasLink
WRJustin SmithSan Antonio BrahmasLink
TJuwann Bushnell-BeattySt. Louis BattlehawksLink
TSage DoxtaterSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
GSteven GonzalezSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
PSterling HofrichterSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
DBKameron KellySt. Louis BattlehawksLink
TEric MagwoodSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
LSAlexander MathesonSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
KAndre SzmytSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
GDallas WarmackSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
LBLakiem WilliamsSt. Louis BattlehawksLink
DLTrevon ColeyArlington RenegadesLink
OLNoah HendersonArlington RenegadesLink
WRMatt LandersArlington RenegadesLink
LBDonald PayneArlington RenegadesLink
WRLuJuan WinninghamArlington RenegadesLink
LSTrae BarryDC DefendersLink
GLiam FornadelDC DefendersLink
OLSadarius HutchersonDC DefendersLink
NTNiles ScottDC DefendersLink
DIGlen LoganHouston RoughnecksLink
DBA.J. HendySan Antonio BrahmasLink
CJohn YarbroughSan Antonio BrahmasLink
GVadal AlexanderSan Antonio BrahmasLink
TAbdul BeechamSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DBQwynnterrio ColeSan Antonio BrahmasLink
LBJohn DakaSan Antonio BrahmasLink
DBTim HarrisSan Antonio BrahmasLink
WRSteven MitchellSan Antonio BrahmasLink
GChristian OlmsteadSan Antonio BrahmasLink
TEJake SutherlandSan Antonio BrahmasLink

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