2023 Michigan Panthers Schedule Released

2023 Michigan Panthers Schedule Released

Near the end of the day yestrerday, the USFL announced that they would be releasing the full 2023 USFL schedule the following day.

Each hour, a new team schedule will be revealed with the full picture being revealed at 3pm.

As expected, the league started the reveals bright and early in the morning. First up, the Michigan Panthers.

The Panthers won’t play their first homegame until week 3, but that begins a 4-game home stretch. Additionally, the Michigan Panthers get to end the season at home in Ford Field.

It was just last week that it was announced that Mike Nolan would be taking over for head coach of the franchise. This comes after Jeff Fisher decided to step down to spend more time with his family.

The Panthers have the first pick in each round of the USFL Draft this season, so things could be on the upswing in their new home.

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