$1.6 Million Still Needed to Secure the USFL in Birmingham for 2022

$1.6 Million Still Needed to Secure the USFL in Birmingham for 2022

Last week it was revealed that the Unites States Football League (USFL) was in talks with Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center (BJCC) to host the 2022 season in the city. A majority of the games would take place at Protective Stadium, with the remaining held at Legion Field.

Earlier this week, the board for the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau board agreed to commit up to $2M to bring the USFL to Birmingham.

According to CBS 42, the BJCC still needs $1.6M to cover the 43-game day staffing, equipment, and field labor during the 2022 season.

The USFL is owned by FOX under National Spring Football League (NSFL) LLC, which is putting aside $150M for the league over the next three years. The hope, it seems, is that independent investors will step in to help make this a reality.

I think the remainder of the funding will come primarily from the public sector and maybe a little from the private sector, so it’s a combination of both with most of it being led by the public sector,” said Gene Hallman, president and CEO of the Bruno Event Team.

Something to mention in all of this, 2022 is just the beginning. If a deal is struck, the USFL would host as many as four teams in Birmingham in 2023; with hopes to have all eight franchises in their respective cities by the third season.

Although the USFL is owned by FOX, it also looks like the ownership is in the works of splitting the broadcasts between FOX, FS1, NBC and USA. This is another potential positive for the city of Birmingham. Part of the tentative agreement would see two on-air spots for Birmingham, giving the city great exposure on national television.

Beyond the potential exposure, the city is sure to bring it a lot of money from the hotels, meals, entertainment, etc. from all the USFL staff and fans during the season.

Currently, the league is targeting an April 15th kickoff with a 10-week season. There would be two semi-final matchups, leading to a championship game on July 3rd. Again, this is still in the works, so these dates may change slightly.

All parties were hoping to have a deal finalized by today, but city reps have indicated that it’s more likely we’ll hear something next week.

No matter how you look at it, it seems like everyone is interested in making this happen. We’d expect that the finances will be sorted shortly, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more on the situation.

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  1. My Reaction: WHY WHY WHY Cant Transaction be Kept Secret Until Deal are 100% Finalized! These leaks are the most irresponsible journaling I’ve seen! Why keep playing with the Hearts & Hopes of USFL Fans.
    NONE of THESE RePorts Matter Unless that 1.6M is Satisfied. If this Falls Through I’m Done taking the Bait Forever!!! Were forced to be loyal to the No Fun League.

    My Comment: I don’t like how this sounds. Just like my plan At&t offered me to trade up to the latest version of my phone saying $95 a month. Moment I agreed they tacked on $67 stopped me right in my tracks so I needed that extra $67 to get that deal.

    My Suggestion:Why Can’t the 1.6M come from NBC and USA. Heck Call TRUMP he owes the fans a Resurrection after all he’s the one who nailed the coffin so he should be the one to make peace. Make him the commissioner and give him the spotlight he loves so much.

  2. Relax…. They’ll get the final $1.6 million. Birmingham has a ton of large corporate entities for a city of its size. That corporate sector has thrown a lot of money around at the improvement of the city in the past 10 years and it really shows. It will be an easy $1.6 million to find. There isn’t a better, more well suited city for the USFL to take place.

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