Major League Football (MLFB) Announces the Cities Under Consideration for its 6 Franchises

MLFB Game Plan – May 16, 2022

May 16, 2022 From the Offices of MLFB

We are ecstatic to have all four of our coaches on board, with the addition of Earnest Wilson. This week, those coaches will be meeting with our Senior VP of Football Operations, Mike McCarthy. Making sure his coaches have all the tools they need for a successful training camp is the first thing on the agenda.

We have chosen these four outstanding coaches to help get this league through the first camp, through the first season, because they are experienced in all aspects of what we are going to encounter. I have great confidence in them as individuals, and as a group,” declares McCarthy.

On the storefront, MLFB has worked through some of the issues we are experiencing and hopes to alleviate the remaining problems this week.  More women’s and kid’s articles are now available. Button fixes, shipping issues (we have all your orders), any issues that have come up, we are fixing. We know it can be bothersome for our fans as we work through it.  Just know that most of the issues have to be corrected before we open the Teams stores. The Team stores will open as we release the cities and fields, along with where coaches are located.

More social media is coming as well.  As our final approach begins, information flow will increase.  JJ and Kevin were in San Antonio last week to meet with Mayfield Armstrong (our Head Trainer and the target of next week’s Spotlight) to make sure our trainer’s supply is up to par and ready for camp. Meeting with the equipment managers, this group will finalize the distribution of the equipment. We are still amazed with all of the equipment.  We will post pictures this week of how that process is moving forward.

With the finalization of the agreement with our fourth coach, it is only appropriate to have Senior Vice President of Football, Mike McCarthy as our next Spotlight team member.