Now that all the Coaches have been named, what's next for the XFL?

XFL Team Names are coming… but when?

Last week we reported that the XFL has trademarked five potential names for the Seattle franchise, and we have heard that the rest of the identities are coming soon…. but when?

As stated above, we potentially know the name of the Seattle team; if we’re going by trademarks it’s going to be the Seattle Dragons, Force, Fury, Surge or Wild. We have a couple theories on when we could be officially learning the names and logos for the rest of the XFL franchises.

Theory 1

A rumor that has been tossed around is that the XFL would unveil all identities as the last Showcase in St. Louis on July 13. Although this could be possible, to me it seems the league would want to draw out the suspense. After the Showcase the only thing we have to look forward to is individual signings, finalized rule book, then the draft in early October. This would lead me to believe that the XFL would take this opportunity to create news during a slow period.

Theory 2

Another option would be to release all the identities at once. We’ve heard numerous times that we would know the names in July, so this could very well be a possibility. Assuming that this announcement happens after the the Summer Showcase in St. Louis, this means we could hear this info anytime from the 14th through the 31st. The only reason we question this approach is the fact that we have only seen a handful of trademarks, and for only one location.

Theory 3

The last possibility is that we see a slow build. Similar to how we saw the leagues roll out the coaches, we may see the same for identities. In theory, we could see one or two announcements a week. If this were to start after the last Summer Showcase, this would lead us to the first week of September; assuming that there is one announcement a week. This seems very plausible, seeing as this would fill the news gap between now and the XFL Draft in October.

Only time will tell, and well definitely keep you posted as we learn more on the situation. In the meantime, let us know what you’re favorite team names are in the comments below or join our community on Discord.