XFL Team Identities — The Last Four Clues

XFL Team Identities — The Last Four Clues

Sunday we took a look at the first four clues that the XFL has shown us in anticipation of their soon-to-be announced team identities. Shortly after publication the league released two more teasers, followed by two more earlier today.

On the latest episode of This Week in the XFL we discussed XFL Houston Head Coach June Jones stating that the identities would be announced August 21st. We also looked at the possibility of a Tuesday release based on the US Patent and Trademark website generally publishing on that day. Regardless, it seems like we’re finally close to getting the answers we’ve been asking for.

We still don’t know what the logos are, what they represent or which franchise they’re for. So, we wanted to do a little more speculation and analysis.

Clue #5XFL Team Names - Clue #5

When we started this adventure with the first four clues I mentioned that I was keeping the names that have been trademarked by the league for Seattle. Right off the bat this screams Seattle Dragons to me; or Force, or Fury, or Surge, or even Wild. Coupled with the fact that these are very similar colors to the Seattle Seahawks, I’m going to say this is without a doubt for XFL Seattle. Again, this is all speculation and I could be way off base.

Clue #6XFL Team Names - Clue #6

Going back to color-schemes I see two options here, with me still leaning towards XFL Houston. There’s two points to address here. The first as mentioned earlier, is the similarities in colors two the Houston Cougars (and Houston Rockets).

It would make sense to try and keep a similar color palatte as the home turf. You only need to think back to the days of the AAF to see why it’s a good idea. The Stallions of Salt Lake used powder blue as their primary color. Meanwhile their home field housed Utah, which uses red as a primary color. The result, the Stallions field did not match their jerseys because it was too difficult to cover the red end-zones with the light-blue paint. Salt Lake Stallions

The other point to look at is the shape. Granted, this could be a trick of the eye, but this one seems like a letter to me. This falls in line with the theories online that each day one tease is of a logo, where the second is of an alt logo. I’m not so sure that I agree with this, but I do think that the above image looks like it could be the bottom-half of an H. Keep in mind, we could be completely wrong on of these. Also, the league may be putting out specific slices of each image to throw fans off.

Clue #7XFL Team Names - Clue #7

Earlier this afternoon the XFL has dropped the last two teaser images. The first is the image above. Initially this reminded me of the wings of the Salt Lake Stallions, just with a bit more detail and slightly different colors. A lot of fans have wanted the XFL to buy some of the AAF’s assets after bankruptcy, but there hasn’t been any news that they have. That being said, it’s possible that St. Louis fans may get that Stallions franchise they’ve been asking for, but I doubt it.

Focusing on what’s given to us, I still tend to believe that these could be part of a set of wings still. When taking that into consideration, I’m leaning towards DC. Could these be the wings of a bald eagle? Possibly, but they could also be blades of some sort. I don’t think we’re any closer to knowing for sure, but my two guesses would be St. Louis or Washington DC.

Clue #8XFL Team Names - Clue #7

The eighth and final clue! To me this could be some type of reptile or insect, but that’s just based on the colors. Removing the colors, it sort of looks like the left-eye on an owl or a pointy ear. At this pace we’re not going to get very far. The one thing that can be said about all of the teasers are that the images given to us have been abstract to say the least.

It’s hard to say which franchise this is for. It doesn’t necessarily match any of the color-schemes of stadiums that already house teams. If it is an insect or a reptile, I would tend to lean towards one of the Texas teams. That being said, I have already found a few candidates that I think fit better. This one will be our wildcard, it could end up belonging to any of the eight franchises.

We gave you our thoughts, now we want to hear yours. What do you think the identities will be? Which franchise will they be for? Let us know down in the comments, join the conversation on Discord, or start a thread on our new forum.