XFL Team Identities, The First Four Clues

XFL Team Identities — The First Four Clues

Late last week the XFL teased fans with four images showing parts of the anticipated logos. There was no mention of which franchise each was for, or what the names associated with each were. A lot of fans on social media have become anxious waiting for this announcement, and now it seems we’re closer than ever to getting the full picture.

As stated above, at the time of publication the league has leaked four images, presumably each is associated with a different franchise. Friday on This Week in the XFL we spoke about the rumors that there would be some type of announcement on team names August 21st. Then later that afternoon the teases from the league popped online. We don’t know what they are, but let’s take a deep dive and further dissect the clues that have been presented to us.

Clue #1

At first glance this stands out as an eye of some sort; the colors stand out as well. While looking at all of these clues I’m keeping the trademarks that we’re filed for Seattle in the back of my mind. Initially this seemed like a good fit for a possible Seattle Surge, Force or Dragons. It’s hard to say why exactly, but just want to get you into my mindset as we go through these. Although the league has trademarked those five names, it still not official that they will be using any of them.

A few users on the internet have speculated that this logo may be for the Houston franchise. The main reason stated was similarities between the Oilers blue and the blue used in the teaser. It is a possibility, but that doesn’t seem like enough evidence to stand on, just yet at least.

After looking through football logos of the past, I came a cross something that seemed like it may fit; at least conceptually. Take a look at the left eye of the USFL’s Outlaws, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.I’m not saying that this is what the team name will be, but it could be inspiration for the overall picture. If we’re on the right track, then I do see a reason for this to be one of the Texas teams, and possible Houston because of the color-scheme mentioned above.

Clue #2

This one is a bit trickier, not as much to work with. After studying the image my final conclusion is that it is part of a letter. There was a great discussion on this in our Discord, and fans in St. Louis have notated the similarities in the colors used here and the colors used in the STL Q&A invite. It’s hard to really make that tie, because these colors are also the same red/blue used in the XFL logo. I initially dismissed this idea, but then XFL St. Louis Team President Kurt Hunzeker posted this on Twitter:

Interesting to say the least. I still think it’s part of a letter, and my guess is that it’s the bottom-left of a “D”. If correct, I would say that this may be for either Dallas or DC.

Clue #3

Right off the bat this screams Los Angeles to me. Call me crazy, but the use of the Raiders colors and the fact that Winston Moss is a former Raider himself — it has to be, right? Looking at the clue it struck me as hair, or possibly a jester hat. This is while only focusing on the grey.

When you change your focus to the black, it then changes perspective a bit. It goes from resembling hair, to possibly a mouth. It’s really hard to say what exactly is being depicted, but I’m sticking with my prediction that this will be for Los Angeles.


This one probably shows the least amount of detail. Some have said that this is part of a letter like the first set of teases. Other have mentioned the similarities to a lightning bolt. At first glance it reminded me of the Chargers lightning bolt. If true, is it possible that both images are for the same franchise? We may not be looking at four potential teases, rather two with one being an alternate logo.

Then something else came to mind. There was something a lot closer to the XFL that jogged the memory.

Although not perfect matches the segment teased by the XFL does bare a striking similarity to the bottom-left to the old Orlando Rage logo. Commissioner Luck has stated that the XFL doesn’t plan on resurrecting and of the old team identities, so it does seem un-likely. In the off chance that this is the case, then I would put this into consideration for Tampa Bay.

Regardless of the parallels, it still does stand out as a lightning bolt. If we are thinking about this correctly, it further adds to my previous guess of Tampa Bay.

We’re either halfway through the teases or 25%, we will need to wait just a little longer to find out. At this time we really don’t know when exactly the full reveal is coming, but we’re definitely closer than we were last week. Do you think that these are logos for four different franchises, or two with an alternate for each? Let us know in the comments below, join the conversation on Discord or try out our brand new forum.

UPDATE: Now that the league has released all eight clues, take a look at part 2.