XFL Draft Names To Keep An Eye On: Vic Beasley

XFL Draft: Five Bigtime Names To Keep An Eye On

The XFL Draft was officially held this week, picking up some phenomenal athletes in the process. Eight teams filled up the majority of their rosters, with training camp just around the corner.

Generally speaking, the league is in excellent shape heading towards their 2023 season. The XFL did their due diligence in finding some of the country’s best talent. Now, they set their sights on what should be a competitive first season.

Let’s take a look at several bigtime names who were a part of the XFL Draft, and the impact they could have on their respective teams.

Vic Beasley | LB, Vegas Vipers

One of the most recognizable stars is Vic Beasley, formerly a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. He was a first round pick by Atlanta, and made the Pro-Bowl in 2016. Beasley has dealt with some injuries over the past couple of years, hampering his NFL career.

Now, he turns to the XFL. Vic will be playing for Rod Woodson’s Vegas Vipers. Without a doubt, Beasley should be a strong force for Woodson’s defense in 2023.

AJ McCarron | QB, St. Louis Battlehawks

An interesting development is taking place in St. Louis. Anthony Becht snagged AJ McCarron, the NFL journeyman, as one of the quarterbacks assigned to his team.

McCarron saw the most playing time of his career in 2015 with the Cincinnati Bengals. He played quite well during that short stretch, throwing for six touchdowns and winning two games in three starts for the Bengals.

Since then, McCarron has hopped around a couple of other NFL franchises. He’s consistently been a backup QB throughout his tenure, and now looks to take the reins in St. Louis. We will have to wait and see if he wins the starting job.

Martavis Bryant | WR, Vegas Vipers

An exciting prospect heading into the XFL’s 2023 season is Martavis Bryant. Bryant was a star with the Pittsburgh Steelers for a short time, putting up impressive numbers alongside Ben Roethlisberger.

Things went downhill after that. Bryant bounced around the NFL, and was suspended indefinitely in 2018 due to a substance abuse violation.

Bryant now looks to the XFL to revive his once promising career. As a wide receiver, Martavis has a ton of upside. Woodson should be quite excited to have him on the roster heading towards 2023.

Ben DiNucci | QB, Seattle Sea Dragons

Ben DiNucci is a name that many are familiar with. DiNucci played with the Dallas Cowboys for a couple of years, and saw a bit of game time action during the 2020 season when Dak Prescott was injured.

The young QB never really lived up to expectations, but flashed signs of brilliance throughout his short career. What makes the DiNucci signing so intriguing, is his landing in Seattle. The Sea Dragons have June Jones as their offensive coordinator. If DiNucci does win the starting job, expect some big things in Seattle with DiNucci and Jones at the helm.

Marquette King | P, Arlington Renegades

Everyone’s favorite punter, Marquette King, is back in the XFL. King was an electrifying athlete in the NFL, before his career was cut short by Jon Gruden for questionable reasons.

It was strange to see King unable to find another NFL opening, considering how successful of a punter he’s been so far. Regardless, the Arlington Renegades picked up a gem in Marquette. If anyone is an early special teams player of the year contender without playing a snap yet, Marquette King is that guy.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the XFL drafted some amazing players. When these teams hit the field in February, there should be plenty of high quality football being played from the get go.

We’re excited to see what the XFL has in store for 2023. Make sure to follow along, as kickoff approaches quickly!

Which former NFL players are you excited to have in the XFL? Which XFL signing was your favorite from their draft last week? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!