XFL Delivery Guy - My Journey from AAF to XFL Fandom

XFL Delivery Guy – My Journey from AAF to XFL Fandom

It is that time of the year again. Fantasy football has generally wrapped up and the NFL playoffs are just around the corner.  After that is finished, many of us, are left with a football shaped hole in our hearts. I felt that void for many years until both the Alliance of American Football (AAF) and the XFL announced their launch.

The AAF launched first in February of 2019 and I dove right into the deep end. The league was everything I was looking for in sports. It was football all year long and I was excited to see a league being built from the ground up. More importantly, I was excited about opportunities.  I was more than thrilled to see not only the players and coaches have opportunities, but I was equally excited to see all the staff hires and for us fans to express themselves in unique, cheesy ways. Sadly, we saw the agonizing demise of the AAF only eight weeks into their first season and as a fan, it hurt! It hurt quite a bit!  Jobs were lost and dreams were never realized.

But on the horizon, we saw a glimmer of hope. The XFL was building a product patiently and the right way. They had resources (thanks Vince!), they had quality people involved and they had been grinding to fine tune for their launch in early 2020.

With all that development, I look forward to a great football product on the field in 2020. I look forward to a faster pace, less penalties and players giving 100 percent on the field. I also look to the future. I’m excited to see this league grow into something that has a lasting impact on us. I want to see rivalries grow organically right before our eyes.  I want to pass this fandom on to my four children and then onto their children. I want to see underdogs come out on top.  I look forward to seeing everything the XFL promises us and more!  I hope you are as well.

This is the XFL delivery guy, let’s get it!

EDITORS NOTE: XFL Delivery Guy is the newest member of the XFL Newsroom team. Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @XFLDeliveryGuy!