XFL Logos For 2023 Season

XFL 2023 Team Rebrands: An Honest Assessment

Last week, the XFL treated fans to something we’ve been waiting on for quite some time. The league officially revealed its eight teams and logos for the 2023 season. Five of the original teams remain, while three were introduced to their new cities.

So far, the release of these new logos and brands has led to mixed responses from fans across the board. In certain instances, the XFL did a fantastic job. However, some teams saw rebrands that seemed unnecessary.

What caused the XFL to alter specific teams, and why are some logos lower quality than others? Let’s take a look.

Arlington Renegades

To start with, the Renegades are back, and with a familiar face. Bob Stoops will return to coach the franchise, which is great news for the league. The team’s host has been changed to Arlington, to reflect the hub – and, the deal that the league struck with the city.

The XFL’s ownership decided to completely rebrand the team, given the name change. Arlington has ditched the Renegades logo entirely, exercising a minimalistic design.

Generally speaking, this new iteration doesn’t live up to expectations. It’s one of the most disappointing logos in the new release, failing to bring anything new to the table. Uninspired, contrived, and bland is what comes to mind when all is said and done, which is a shame. We know how creative the XFL organization is, but this logo doesn’t represent that sentiment.

DC Defenders

The DC Defenders maintained their name – but not their logo. DC ditched the electrified shield that resonated with fans all across the DMV in 2020, which is an interesting move. The new logo is by no means poorly made, but it doesn’t have that same “special” factor that its 2020 counterpart held.

The design itself feels straight out of Texas, given the lone star in the center of its design. While the Defenders sport a decent scheme, the old branding will certainly be missed.

Houston Roughnecks

Interestingly enough, the Houston Roughnecks didn’t change things up much at all. This is a good thing – but, a surprise nonetheless. The XFL dealt with multiple trademark issues due to the 2020 logo, so if any team was to see major changes, it should have been Houston.

With that in mind, the Roughnecks boast a very similar feel to what they did in the XFL 2.0, something that many fans will appreciate.

Orlando Guardians

The Orlando Guardians are a brand new team…well, sort of. In 2020, the New York Guardians were a major hit when it came to branding. Instead of coming up with a new name for Orlando’s franchise, the XFL decided to morph New York’s original design into a fresh, updated version for Orlando.

The Black and Red is gone, being replaced with lime green and gray. It’s an interesting scheme, but it works, and continues to look better with each passing day. Uniforms have yet to be released, but, we have high hopes for Orlando given the strong logo and colors.

San Antonio Brahmas

San Antonio, welcome to the XFL. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, co-owner of the XFL 3.0, put his signature spin on San Antonio’s new franchise. The Brahmas are set to be one of the boldest teams in the league, representing a Brahma Bull.

There are a couple of interesting details in the logo itself. For one, lightning bolts are present, representing the electric atmosphere SA brings to the XFL. Secondly, a “B” is branded onto the Bull’s forehead. With their bright yellow and black color scheme, the Brahmas are already one of the best brands, and we’re still waiting on those uniforms.

Seattle Sea Dragons

Well, where do we even start…oh my. Seattle might just have the worst branding of anyone in the league. First and foremost, the team was originally the “Dragons”. Why ownership felt a need for change is beyond me. Sure, “Sea Dragons” might resonate a bit more with fans who are connected to Seattle’s other new franchise in the Kraken. But, seriously? Seattle (SEA) Sea Dragons? This one is a bit baffling.

The only positive the modified logo brings is the “S” shape; which, once again, helps connect Seattle’s XFL team to their NHL counterpart. The design, the texture, everything else – is a head scratcher. The logo itself looks unfinished, almost as if it was exported incorrectly. Seattle’s overall scheme in 2020 is far, far superior to the Sea Dragons 2023 rebranding. Let’s simply hope that the product on the field is improved.

St. Louis Battlehawks

Alright, that’s enough of the negativity. The Battlehawks are back. Thank. God. And, great news: there isn’t much of a rebrand, either. St. Louis was one of the XFL’s gems in 2020, and remains the same heading into 2023. With just a slight tweak of the logo and lettering, the Battlehawks were mostly untouched.

After seeing what happened to a couple of the other teams, it’s refreshing to know that Ka-Kaw is still the law. Anthony Becht will have that blue and white rocking the dome again in no time.

Vegas Vipers

Finally, the XFL introduced the Vegas Vipers. Similar to the Guardians, the Vipers maintain their name, but move cities. With the new scenery comes a fresh look. The Vipers boast a red, white, and black color scheme. In fact, it draws comparisons to the New York Guardians in 2020, minus the gray.

Generally speaking, this Vipers logo is a step up compared to 2020. The “V” is much more unique, setting itself apart from other iterations. The Vipers certainly have one of the cleanest looks as we head towards the 2023 season.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, looks are subjective. Everyone will have their own opinions and views on the XFL’s 2023 logos/branding, and we are happy to see some of the league’s impressive teams back in business. Kickoff can’t come soon enough!

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What is your favorite XFL logo heading towards 2023? Which team are you rooting for? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!