Why We're Thankful the XFL is Returning

Why We’re Thankful the XFL is Returning

Today people all over America are gathering to spend time with their families to celebrate Thanksgiving. Not too mention, millions of football fans enjoying a good turkey bowl game with their friends before kicking back and watching an afternoon of football. We thought there was no better time than now for us to give our reasons we’re thankful the XFL is returning.

January 25th, 2018 Vince McMahon announced that the XFL would be returning. At the time there were very few details, no team names, locations, employees, etc. Fast-forward almost two years later and the only things we’re missing are the uniforms, official rule-book and of course kick-off on Feb 8, 2020.

We’ve been covering the league since we learned that the XFL was coming back. Since then, we’ve slowly been building a team to deliver the best XFL related content. We got together to share our reasons why we’re thankful the league is making a return.

Stephan ‘The Referee’ Rachuk

Favorite Team: Houston Roughnecks

I’m a huge sports fan. Generally speaking, a Detroit sports fan. I’ve lived all over the country and no matter where I’m at it’s hard for me to get on board with the local teams due to my existing fandom. The XFL announced that Houston would be one of the franchise markets shortly after I moved to the area, which made it an easy sell for me. Beyond that, I was a huge fan of the original league, as well as many other ‘Spring Leagues’. I was also a  fan of NFL Europe growing up, so it was the ‘cherry on the top’ to find out that McMahon had enlisted Oliver Luck to run the ship.

Stemming from that, another reason I’m thankful the XFL is coming back is that it looks to have learned from their past mistakes. This time around it’s a football company run by football people. From every aspect the league seems to be doing things the right way. From the staff, to the marketing, to the identities and gimmick-free rule-book.

Lastly, due to the XFL returning I’ve been able to meet a lot of great people on and off-line. Since we started this site we have tried to engage directly with the XFL community. Because of this site I have become friends with a good group of people I would have never met, as well has had the chance to speak with numerous XFL staff members. This is something that would be much harder to achieve in other sports organizations. This shows the XFL is on-board with fan engagement, as well as embracing the online community that wasn’t as prevalent back in 2001. We look forward to reporting on the XFL for many seasons, and we feel like we’ll have the opportunity.

Andrew Styles

Favorite Team: Dallas Renegades

On a local level: Dallas sports has had a weak couple of decades. After the Stars won the cup to close out the 20th Century, this city has only embraced one other major championship since, the Mavericks in 2011. Ironically, that’s the one team beside the Renegades who has a decent future. Cowboys are stuck with Garrett and Jones, Rangers are in rebuilding, and the Stars fortunes change on the daily (Oh and if you care about MLS why does FC Dallas keep losing in the first round). Anyways, except for Luka and the Mavs, this city has no success in sports lined up for the foreseeable future. Except for the Renegades. The latest Vegas odds even have them as the league favorite with Stoops at the helm and Landry Jones under center. For the first time in half a decade, perhaps even an entire decade, a Dallas team has a legit chance of being champion. And that is always something I will support.

On a national level: It’s a breath of fresh air in American Sports. A new start. The og XFL was admittedly doomed from the start. Despite what some people blinded by nostalgia will tell you, that wasn’t a serious attempt at pro spring league football. It was an attempt to create WWF Football, which neither Wrestling or Football fans were very into. By catering to Football fans only, the league has a much more stable base in this second go around. If this league makes two/three years, it’ll probably last way longer than that. All that is needed is for the ball to start rolling down the hill and to pick up speed.

Jake H

Favorite Team: St. Louis BattleHawks

Being from Saint Louis there’s an obvious reason as to why I’m thankful that the XFL is back. That is because football has returned to my mid-western city called “The Lou”. I’ll be spending Sunday’s back in the dome, having a good time hanging out with people I’ll meet in the future. I’m also thankful for the people and friends I’ve met, and the ones I’ll meet along the way. So yeah, the XFL is back, and football in Saint Louis is back. KaKaw!

JDash – Unhinged Podcast

Favorite Team: All

I’m thankful for having the chance to work alongside true XFL fans at XFLnewsroom.com. This community that I have come to know has grown over the two years. As an XFL Podcast personality myself, my main goal is to promote the league to the best of my doing an I hope over the next few years, we grow as a family and as a team. So from our family here at XFLNewsroom.com & Unhinged Podcast. We wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving You’ve been Unginded!

Tron Hawkins – This is the XFL Podcast

Favorite Team: DC Defenders

I’m thankful for the XFL coming back because I love football. I remember sitting at Applebees in February 2001 watching the Hitmen play the Outlaws and watching every weekend after that. Then it just ended. Now the XFL gets a 2nd chance and I get a chance to kinda be 12 again. I’m also thankful for a chance to be apart of this wonderful community and I’m super thankful for my listeners. Happy Thanksgiving!!

William Freeman

Favorite Team: St. Louis BattleHawks

I am thankful for the return of the XFL for returning football to the St. Louis Area. I am thankful for going to football games at the Dome again. I’m the type of fan that usually studies and memorized what college each player came from. I was excited for every game-day. That was taken almost four years ago, and the the team I support since I was a kid said that my support for them meant nothing.

I like that the BattleHawks are getting involve with the community unlike our previous team. I have seen more involvement in St. Louis City and surrounding areas in the last few months than the last five years when the Rams were here. I have met the BattleHawks front office and Coach Hayes and both are fresh air compared to the previous team people. I am thankful for the XFL for returning football back to St. Louis.


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