Why We're Thankful the XFL is Returning

Why We’re Thankful the XFL is Returning (Again)

If you’re in the states it’s that day of the year when everyone normally gathers to give thanks. This year… well…. this year is just a little different. Many may not be gathering, but hopefully all will still be celebrating in their own (safe) way.

Last year the team came together to share the reasons that they were thankful that the XFL was retuning. Little did we know then that the league would have a rocky restart due to the coronavirus. Although things seemed dire, the XFL has rebounded thanks to Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson and RedBird Capital.

Now that the season is around once again, we wanted to regroup once again to share the reasons the XFL Newsroom team is thankful that XFL will be returning once again in 2022.

Jake Henry

I’m thankful the XFL is returning for three reasons. One, it’s more football. Who doesn’t love more football? Reason number two, it’s great to see these guys get another shot at their dreams. And my final reason, Saint Louis will probably get another shot at football, and they deserve it.

James Larsen

Well, it has been quite a year. But, thankfully we still have XFL football (well, sort of anyways). The XFL is coming back in 2022, and I am pumped to watch the league come alive again. Yes, it’s too bad that we won’t see them back on the field in 2021. But, considering everything going on, the new owners made the right decision and I’m looking forward to seeing a professional football product on the XFL’s field in 2022. The values that surround Thanksgiving sum up what makes the XFL so great.

Gratitude is a theme that we see in Thanksgiving – but also see throughout the XFL. The league is all about opportunity. Giving players chances to prove themselves, even though everyone doubted them. These guys are so grateful for the XFL, and the ability to play professional football again. Nick Holley’s statement in the Houston Roughnecks home opener sums it up:

I’m thankful that the XFL is coming back, and can’t wait to see the teams and players take the field once again. It will be a long and difficult road to 2022, but I trust the leadership to get it done in a professional and efficient way, for the love of football.

Gavin Semler

I’ll tell you, having the XFL come back is great. Frankly, great’s an understatement, it’s downright amazing. When the league went under in April, it seemed that football in St. Louis was all but cursed. We weren’t going to have a team to watch next year, and who knew how long it was going to be before we got a new one. When The Rock co-purchased the league and made the announcement that the XFL was coming back in 2022, it was nothing short of a dream come true. Fans in St. Louis, including myself, once again have the opportunity to put aside our differences, be a community, and watch some great football. Kakaw!

Stephan “The Referee” Rachuk

When Vince McMahon first announced that the XFL would be returning we knew that we had to jump on the bandwagon. Over the course of the last few years we’ve worked our way up into becoming one of the largest XFL news outlets. When the league was forced to suspend their season halfway through the season due to COVID-19, we were crushed. Although we were never directly linked to the league, I had grown close to many of the employees of the XFL. Not only did we see our league take a huge hit, we witnessed many talented folks without a job at the worst possible time.

When hope had all seemed to be lost, Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson and RedBird Capital came out of the shadows to save the day. The XFL would live to see another day! This silly little project would also live on to see another day. That alone has us excited for the future of the league. It’s taken its hits, but it always seems to rebound.

Beyond the league, I’m extra thankful for the XFL Newsroom staff that helps keep the ship afloat. Without this team this site would not be as special as it is. I can’t wait until we can all finally meetup (hopefully at the next XFL Championship). Although we have over a year until the XFL takes the field again, I can’t wait to see where this team can take this site before we kickoff again!


We took to Twitter to ask the fans why they’re thankful the XFL is retuning as well, here’s what they had to say:

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