Why We're Thankful for the USFL / XFL Merger

Why We’re Thankful for the USFL/XFL Merger

Every year we do an article on why we’re thankful, but this may be our biggest to date. We’ve be presented with an opportunity to talk about both the USFL and XFL as they work towards becoming the largest spring football league in recent history.

Today, join the Newsroom team as we discuss why we’re thankful that the USFL and XFL plan on merging.

James Larsen

What a time to be alive in the world of spring football. In 2023, we saw not one – but two spring football leagues complete full seasons in America, between the USFL and the XFL.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I want to take a moment to reflect on how grateful I am for spring football. It truly is incredible to see the way these leagues are changing lives for the better, including my own. Over three years ago I began covering this scene, and never would have imagined that it would be what it is today.

It’s a remarkable thing to watch the USFL and XFL providing thousands of second chances to players, coaches, staff, etc. that would otherwise be overlooked. Just this year alone, we saw over 100 spring athletes sign NFL contracts. Life. Changing. Opportunities.

Regardless of what happens with the USFL-XFL merger, the platform will be as large as ever in 2024. Without a doubt, spring football is here to stay for the long haul. Buckle up, folks.

Nicholas Thorn

The XFL-USFL merger has been an exciting time for the spring football community with rampant speculation and small details leaking day by day. I’m thankful for these leagues understanding that they’re better together than apart and the powers that be can have the humility to see that the other side has plenty to offer to a combined effort. Although the golden age of spring football was shorter than expected, a new era of sustainability can go forward with the best parts of both leagues. I’m also thankful for the potential this new league can have to bridge the gaps between these fanbases where the hatred for each other can morph from praying on the downfall of the other league to friendly rivalries that helps this new league survive and not hurt it.


I’m thankful for the merger because it gives the XFL the opportunity to become real football.

Jeremiah Lane

This year has been insane for the world of spring football. I am incredibly thankful for the team at PFN for welcoming me with open arms and making my dream of writing and reporting on professional football. This XFL and USFL merger makes me confident in the survival of spring football, which everyone should be thankful for. At the end of the day, we are all a collective group enjoying a niche, ever expanding world of alternative football. The PFN discord has some of my best memories, and I am thankful for everyone there that puts up with my shenanigans. Thank you all for making my dreams possible, and supporting me the entire way.

Freddy Airmail

I can think of two great reasons to be thankful for the coming XFL/USFL merger.

One of them is a bit more relatable for most and a bit more practicle — having one league instead of two means we won’t have to deal any longer with the confusion of having two leagues. Newcomers to the spring football space will no longer instigate unwillingly the tribalistic infighting between the two fandoms by asking simple questions about the relationshiop between the leagues and their prior failures.

On the other hand, on more of a personal level, bringing the highest level of spring football together unther the banner of one league appeals to me on a scientific level. No longer will I have to hear a claim that the Birmingham Stallions could wipe the floor with the DC Defenders or that 3 different XFL QBs performments better than and USFL QB (other than Alex McGough) — and not have solid evidence to back up suck clams in at least some capacity.

Zach Keilman

I’m thankful for the pending merger because of the continued foundation it provides for future growth of opportunities for players, coaches, execs, and fans to enjoy the greatest sport this world has to offer. We’re living in the Golden Age of football consumption, and much like Thanksgiving dinner, I will be going back for extras at every chance. Long live football alternatives the world over!

Stephan ‘The REF’ Rachuk

Back when we started this website our sole mission was to cover the XFL. Since then, a few things have changed. Nearly 6-years later it seems like things are now coming full circle. My two favorite spring football leagues are working towards becoming on BIG BEAUTIFUL LEAGUE. I was there when the XFL first partnered with The Spring League to serve as a developmental group for their 2020 launch. I was there when the XFL kicked off in 2020 and I was there when they played their final game before COVID. We were at The Spring League Mega Bowl and Newsroom has had a presence at every USFL & XFL game since.

Now, we head into a new year with a new identity ourselves. Without the USFL or XFL there’s a good chance that we would not be here today. More importantly, without the huge support from the spring football fans we absolutely would not exist. These leagues have given me an opportunity to follow a dream and in an unexpected consiquence meet new lifetime friends, and enemies ;).

Because of the USFL & XFL we have hosted numerous fan engagement events and podcasts across the country. Speaking of which, you DO NOT want to miss SpringStock & SummerStock III next season! Sorry, you knew I had to sneak a cheap plug in here somewhere.

The USFL and XFL has proven that spring football works. The USFL is heading into their third season. Let me say that again, THE USFL IS MOVING INTO THEIR THRID SEASON. Up until these two leagues it had been nearly 40 years before another spring league has made it beyond their inaugural campaign. That makes this merger even more exciting. We now have a chance to see what a spring league looks like with more than 8 teams. 2024 is going to be a GREAT year and I’m so thankful to be here writing about it!


Why are you thankful for the merger between the USFL & XFL? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

Owner/Editor Pro Football Newsroom
  1. Happy Thanksgiving! as I mute this horrible Detroit GB halftime performance ( the Lions 1st half performance was a CF too… come on Lions!)
    Thanks to all you guys and PFNewroom and all the spring FB news and podcasts on the internet for doing what you do! Ducky wins best comment – good laugh.
    Let’s hope we hear some news next week.

  2. I hope it will work be around for years, I hope they will bri

    ng back some of AAF teams in the future. But I do hope some of billionaires will form a major league football that will compete with NFL.Will bring in April ends in September play a championship game in September and draft begins in February

  3. Need to name the merged league as the

    USFL (with the same logo basically) as the

    United Spring Football League

    Thank you!

  4. Both are trash. Non competitive been there done that players. I thought the whole idea was for the diamond in rough…would be more exciting

  5. One possible remedy for cities that have both USFL and XFL franchises is to allow them to merge, freeing up slots that could essentially go to cities without a NFL franchise and especially the largest cities with no Major League level (NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB/MLS) pro sports franchises, of which the El Paso, TX/Ciudad Juarez, MX (which has a combined population of around 7 million) area currently tops the list……..

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