Why We're Thankful for Season 2 of the USFL

Why We’re Thankful for Season 2 of the USFL

It’s that time of year again. Time to see the family, eat a lot of food, watch football… and most importantly give thanks. This year the Newroom team wanted to collaborate on something special in th offseason. We’re used to covering the news and giving our takes, but join us as we dive into why we’re thankful for season 2 of the USFL.

James Larsen

Well, we can’t help but be incredibly thankful for the USFL. After the rough few years that spring football fans faced, the United States Football League was a breath of fresh air. For the first time since 2001, a spring league made it through a whole season, and played a Championship game. It still doesn’t feel real that it happened.

Personally, I’m so grateful for the opportunities the USFL is providing. First and foremost, it gives so many amazing players, staff, and coaches the ability to be involved with the game they love. Secondly, as an avid spring football journalist, it gave me a chance to dive back into a spring league headfirst. Being able to cover the USFL in 2022 was a dream come true, and I couldn’t be more ready to continue following the league heading towards season two.

Finally, the USFL Championship was truly a day to remember. I was privileged enough to be a photographer on the sidelines during the game. I can’t even begin to explain how special that was. The USFL has already left such a major impact on my life, and it will continue to do so moving forward. To FOX Sports, the USFL, and everyone involved in making this league happen: Thank You. Cheers to season two!

Logan Graffia

I am thankful for the USFL because it gives us more football to watch in the spring. I’m thankful for the New Orleans Breakers and I’m thankful for the USFL just being great in general. The USFL is just awesome.


I am so very thankful for the USFL and everyone who has been apart of the league as an executive at FOX or NBC to a fan in Birmingham or Memphis. I believe in Spring Football and anyone who rooted for the Stars last year saw a great product and an awesome team.

Thankful today for so many. The Ref and all of the Newsroom and USFL Podcast staff. Too many of the USFL Twitter community to name. Case Cookus, Matt Colburn, Brian Woods, Eric Shanks, Jon Miller, Daryl Johnston, USFL Jim and many more. Thank you all for all the joy you’ve added to our lives.

Stephan ‘The REF’ Rachuk

Season 2, need I say more? For the first time in over fourty years a spring league has made it beyond a championship with a second season in the works. Beyond founding USFL Newsroom, I’ve have the opportunity to talk to USFL fans all across the country thanks to The USFL Podcast. The league has done a great job of embracing fan engagement, from podcasts to websites to groups on social media.

The USFL Network guys are among the coolest I’ve met. We had a blast with the USFL Show crew in Birmingham for kickoff. SpringStock and SummerStock we’re a much bigger success than I ever imagined, and everyone involved made the events well worth the hard work we put into setting them up.

It’s hard to find a comminuty so tight-knit, and I’m so thankful that we all have a chance to build upon what we all started in season 1. Beyond that, we get to see the USFL adapt as they grow. Last year we had a single hub, and in one short year we’re look at possibly three or four. FOX has a good thing going with the USFL and we’re just thankful to see a product that looks to have a longterm plan to go the distance.

Zach Keilman

I’m thankful for the fact that a second USFL season is possible, and that more football is on the horizon. The spring football community has had to endure so much to get to this point, and my anticipation alone to see what teams do with most of the setup out of the way is at an all-time high. For the greater football community, we are in a golden age of options and innovations in the sport, and the USFL is helping lead the way in several areas. Many great things appear to be on the horizon for this league, and I’m glad to be on the ride with friends in the community and on USFL Newsroom. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and raise a glass!


Why are you thankful for the USFL? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

Owner/Editor Pro Football Newsroom
  1. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to USFL Newsroom crew. having met James, The Ref and Zach at Summerstock. Glad to read all your stuff and comment on most of it. Thankful to the USFL for being around and allowing us to enjoy some spring football. When I was a kid my step-father got me Generals season tickets for two years in a row. This spring I went to go visit him in Florida and we watched a Generals game on Tv. I am very thankful for that, even if there was no Hershel Walker, Brian Sipe or Doug Flutie.

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