Why 2022 Was the Right Choice For the XFL

Why 2022 Was the Right Choice For the XFL

We all know by now – the XFL is coming back in 2022. Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia made the big announcement on Thursday, and since then, there has been a lot of discussion about the decision to wait two years to return. In this article, we will be looking at the main factors that went into why they chose 2022, and why it is ultimately the best choice for the league. 

Rushing is Not the Right Idea

While there many who would like to see the league come back in 2021 (including myself), at the end of the day, it just isn’t a realistic timeline. With the year already being in October, this leaves only a few months for the XFL to throw itself together for a spring season. We have to remember – the entire league was shut down back in April. There are only several employees that are still with the organization. They would have to rehire every single position; from coaches, to players, to league personnel and staff. 

Technically speaking, they could put the league back together in a short period of time. That being said, logic says not to rush the league’s return. As we saw with the Alliance of American Football, a rushed product does not have a chance to last. The XFL 2.0 had taken its time to set itself up for success, and it was primed to make an impressive run as a startup league before the pandemic hit. The new owners want to take this same approach, by giving the XFL time to solidify its structure and strategies. 

Teams Can Build Chemistry Before the Season

Another advantage to waiting until 2022 is that it gives the league plenty of time to put together teams and personnel. This will allow teams to have plenty of time to work together, and develop their game plans and overall chemistry for the 2022 season. If multiple teams were thrown together quickly for 2021, the product on the field would probably be a lot messier. We remember the first rendition of the XFL from 2001 – if teams don’t have enough time to practice with each other, it doesn’t work. 

In the XFL 2.0, teams had plenty of time to practice and create chemistry with one another. This allowed the league to see some impressive play across the board from every team, some better than others. 

Generally speaking, the more time the better – it can’t hurt. It will just help these teams become stronger. Following this same formula for the 2022 season makes sense, and will lead to the XFL seeing more success. 

COVID-19 Shouldn’t Be a Factor Anymore

Well, we quite obviously cannot predict the future. No one actually saw this pandemic coming. That being said, the odds of it still being this bad in 2022 are low. Waiting to play until 2022 should allow the league to let fans come to the games. This would make the overall product more enjoyable, in person and on TV. The XFL had phenomenal fans, and we would love to see them back in the stands once again.

Also, from a business perspective, the XFL needs to make money. Since it is a startup league (again), it cannot afford to host a season without bringing in some sort of stream of revenue. While they were doing quite well this year, it was made clear that the league couldn’t survive when they weren’t making money. The pandemic shut down what was going to be a very successful launch, and the new owners want to avoid that happening again. In 2021, this pandemic may still be presenting issues for football to be played with fans. Hopefully by 2022, fans can once again enjoy football from the stands, and not just the couch.

Generally speaking, it just makes sense for the XFL to return in 2022. While it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing a season in 2021, the league has to rebuild itself from the ground up, and waiting until 2022 to play is for the better of everyone involved. Until then, we will be patiently awaiting the return of the XFL, for the love of football! 

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